Voters To Decide Expansion Of Light Rail System

PHOENIX — Residents of the South Phoenix neighborhood have overcome every obstacle that City of Phoenix power brokers have thrown in their way.

Those who would be directly affected by the expansion of the light rail system have been fighting to block the project.

Residents of South Phoenix are celebrating their latest victory. The Building a Better Phoenix Act has officially qualified for the Phoenix ballot.

The City Clerk’s Office notified the Building a Better Phoenix Committee late Friday that a sufficient number of signatures were submitted for the ballot.

“Qualifying for the ballot proves that broad support exists to give voters an opportunity to vote on the costly expansion of light rail,” said Susan Gudino, resident of South Phoenix and treasurer for the campaign. “Continually we have been misled about the increased traffic congestion, high cost, crime and gentrification caused by light rail. Now we can have an honest debate and vote regarding the future of light rail and whether the money would be better spent on other worthwhile projects.”

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