TEP Rate Request Would Raise Average Bill By Over $7 Monthly

Tucson Electric Power is seeking to raise its beginning in May 2020. The company filed its proposed rate increase with the Arizona Corporation Commission on Monday.

Tucson Electric Power (TEP) proposed a new rate that “would increase the average bills of a typical residential customer using the company’s most popular pricing plan by an estimated $7.61 per month compared to 2018 levels,” according to a statement released by the company. “This estimated impact would vary with actual customer usage and does not account for changes in surcharges or taxes that occur before new rates take effect.”

As part of its request for updated rates, TEP is proposing to eliminate fees for customers who pay with credit cards, debit cards and in-person at local retailers.

TEP’s residential electric rates have increased by about 1 percent per year, on average, over the past 20 years.

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  1. I contacted the ACC a few days ago and not only spoke to some one but filled out my comment in regards to the hardship this would cause to thousands of citizens, especially people on fixed incomes like myself. They told me all comments would be reviewed in making their decision, so people don’t just complain here on the ADI but get on the website and find the comment section regarding TEP. I had to find the Docket # but I did and was able to comment. Don’t Like the TEP proposal? Bombard them with comments!! What else you got to do??

  2. I suggest we write to the ACC and protest this raise by TEP, if we don’t we got what we have coming to us. I am going to contact them, please do so.

  3. Does anyone remember fracking ? The many,many articles about The massive US natural gas discoveries and reserves. That TEP (and other producers of electricity) say it is now cheaper to burn natural gas than coal.
    Yet where is the benefit to the consumer ? Huge supply yet cost go up,
    Wats up with that?

  4. Why? They are advertising on tv that they are doing well with ALL THE SOLAR energy they have coming in and that they want to add more. Someone is scamming someone and they should not need to raise rates and not be allowed to UNTIL there is an explanation given for all the solar stuff in town being installed. Solar is just another gimmick to get your $$ and then they raise rates to boot!

  5. In a statement last week TEP said ” it needs to raise the price to keep up with inflation”. Well most of us, especially people on a fixed income have to deal with inflation too but can’t find the extra income. Yet we are forced to pay the extra money that for many of us means less food,prescriptions or doctor visits.
    My neighbor for years has only taken her heart meds every other day because she can’t afford her prescription even now, so what is she supposed to do with an increase by TEP?
    I even called TEP to see if they could help us as we are low income but because we own a house we’re not eligible and neither was our area. We are not in the foothills we are mid town, a low to middle income neighborhood with section 8 housing just down the street.
    TEP= *76%%*##

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