Big Top Expands To KNST, Conservative Circus Returning To Tucson

The Ringmaster of the Conservative Circus James T. Harris [Photo by Jonathan Williams]

Back by popular demand, iHeart’s Conservative Circus featuring Ringmaster James T. Harris, is expanding to the Tucson market. Harris’ syndicated show will premiere this Sunday on KNST.

Harris joined iHeartMedia as the on-air talent for 550 KFYI, The Valley’s Talk Station, in January 2018.

Harris developed the Conservative Circus while serving as afternoon host for KQTH-AM in Tucson before leaving for KFYI in the top 20 Phoenix market. Harris got his start at Journal Broadcasting’s Milwaukee news/talk flagship WTMJ, where he did weekend and fill-in shows.

Tucson and Milwaukee fans have followed Harris along the way, making syndication inevitable.

That following has also earned him an impressive social media following, one of the largest in the iHeart Media family.

“This is an exciting time, and Tucson always seems to make national headlines,” said Harris. “I am looking forward to shining the spotlight on more clowns. So grab your popcorn and be ready to have some fun Tucson.”

Harris, known to his fans as The Beautiful Man, gained a loyal following across the country. His “common damn sense” earned him a bipartisan listening audience in Tucson, a liberal stronghold in Arizona.



  1. So happy for your return James. Followed you on 550 Phoenix. You were missed in Tucson. Glad Ross(long black train)is with you.

  2. I remember when he was a frequent caller on the Charlie Sykes show.
    later they gave him the weekend show National conversation.
    he is just getting started.

  3. Always knew you would go far James. You are so missed here in Milwaukee but it’s clear that Arizona needs you more. Wishing you and your family many blessings this Easter season.

  4. I love this guy met him when he first came to Tucson he’s the best! Been a fan for years…could get him when he moved to Phoenix, glad we’ll hear him again!

  5. Excellent! Every weekday afternoon at 4:00 PM, I tune in to The Beautiful Man’s show by way of the computer, especially every Friday for the end-of-the-week prayer. Welcome back, James T. Harris!

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