Arizona Entrepreneurs named as 2019 Small Business Persons of the Year

Arizonans Jennifer and Jeff Herbert
Jennifer and Jeff Herbert of Superstition Meadery

WASHINGTON – Arizonans Jennifer and Jeff Herbert, of Superstition Meadery, were awarded the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Small Business Person of the Year. Superstition Meadery, based in Prescott, has been producing meads and cider since 2012.

“It is my honor to announce that Jennifer and Jeff Herbert of Superstition Meadery, LLC from Arizona are this year’s national Small Business Persons of the Year,” said Acting SBA Administrator Chris Pilkerton. “Thanks to SBA financial and counseling assistance, this outstanding firm successfully grew their business, increasing their revenue by more than 160% between 2015 and 2017, expanded their staff from nine to 20 employees and extended their reach into international markets. Jennifer and Jeff truly represent the best of our nation’s small businesses.”

Jeff Herbert got his first taste of the possibilities of creating new flavors of Mead, an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting honey, after taking a brewery course at Chicago’s Seibel Institute. Jeff and Jennifer founded Superstition Meadery in 2012, and that year they produced 300 gallons of mead and cider in a 20 square-foot space. Fruit, herbs, spices and barrel aging are the basics of mead production, a beverage that has been enjoyed across cultures around the world going back 4,000 years.

“I am pleased to see how the SBA assisted Jennifer and Jeff to expand on their idea and grow their business in a unique market,” Pilkerton said. “Entrepreneurs’ skills and creativity not only support their own families, but they also make our neighborhoods and cities vibrant places to live and work. Small businesses fuel our overall economic strength, and the SBA is proud to help empower their success.”

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  1. Good for them But I dont see the real benifit to the human race
    High price beer ! Glad 20 people have a job ..
    Yuppies Market

    Why cant anyone do stuff that really matters like make sleds that dont break after the first run Recycle all cell phone crap from China and make a multi bussiness making stuff that lasts
    Good toys for kids or Start making grocery bags that are reuseable instead plastic
    No I am not a lefty.But I see the waste,we Americans are wastefull
    Bottoms UP”

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