Governor Signs Timeshare Reform Legislation

PHOENIX – Arizona Governor Ducey has signed HB2639, a consumer protection bill timeshare purchases.

Under HB2639, consumers will have 10 days to cancel their timeshare purchases without penalty from the time they sign their agreement. Timeshare sellers in Arizona must also provide additional disclosures to consumers at the time of sale, including information related to additional fees and charges (including potential assessments), once the law becomes effective, according to the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.

“The Arizona House of Representatives unanimously passed a version of the timeshare bill with stronger protections for consumers, including a “cooling-off period” of one business day after the sales presentation and a requirement that the timeshare company provide specific estimates of the actual cost of the timeshare,” according to the Arizona Attorney General’s Office. “Unfortunately, these additional consumer protection requirements were stripped in the Senate and did not make it into the final legislation sent to the Governor.”

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