Arizona Charitable Causes See Record Proceeds From Specialty License Plates

PHOENIX – In Fiscal Year 2019, which concluded June 30, a total of just over $11.2 million were raised for endeavors ranging from support of Arizona veterans programs, Special Olympics, organ donation, hunger relief, university scholarships and many other causes.

Monies raised have steadily grown for a number of years. In FY 2015, the total was just over $8.7 million, increasing to nearly $9.4 million in FY 2016. FY 2017 saw more than $9.8 million raised followed by $10.6 million in FY 2018.

Specialty plates are created by an act of the Arizona legislature, and the program, which began in 1989, is administered by the MVD.


  1. I had a NAU plate for years. The old style one, not the ugly new one. I got rid of it to offset the costs of the new 32.00 DPS fee.
    Poor leadership at its best, no explanation, no justification, no nothing – just another unjustified tax increase.

  2. Please do a follow up report for FY 2020, it is predictable that this charitable cause will drop dramatically as the MVD seizes these dollars in the name of the DPS. Register a vehicle in AZ? Get a citation for no violation-

  3. Getting rid of mine to pay the new $32 fee! I’ll give the full $25 to the charity directly and the state won’t get the $8 they siphon off now!

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