Arizona Charitable Causes See Record Proceeds From Specialty License Plates

PHOENIX – In Fiscal Year 2019, which concluded June 30, a total of just over $11.2 million were raised for endeavors ranging from support of Arizona veterans programs, Special Olympics, organ donation, hunger relief, university scholarships and many other causes.

Monies raised have steadily grown for a number of years. In FY 2015, the total was just over $8.7 million, increasing to nearly $9.4 million in FY 2016. FY 2017 saw more than $9.8 million raised followed by $10.6 million in FY 2018.

Specialty plates are created by an act of the Arizona legislature, and the program, which began in 1989, is administered by the MVD.


  1. Getting rid of mine to pay the new $32 fee! I’ll give the full $25 to the charity directly and the state won’t get the $8 they siphon off now!

  2. Please do a follow up report for FY 2020, it is predictable that this charitable cause will drop dramatically as the MVD seizes these dollars in the name of the DPS. Register a vehicle in AZ? Get a citation for no violation-

  3. I had a NAU plate for years. The old style one, not the ugly new one. I got rid of it to offset the costs of the new 32.00 DPS fee.
    Poor leadership at its best, no explanation, no justification, no nothing – just another unjustified tax increase.

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