16 Protesters Identified By Phoenix Police, 2 Charged With Assaulting Officers

Phoenix Police

PHOENIX — The Phoenix Police Department has released the names of the 16 people who were arrested Friday night during a protest outside an Immigration and Customs Enforcement office.

Two protesters were arrested for assaulting police officers, and the rest are accused of ignoring warnings by police to get off the light rail tracks.

Arrested for Unlawful Assembly and Obstructing a Public Thoroughfare:

Andrea Bailey, age 23
Amanda Benjamin, age 24
Jessica Bristow, age 22
Jose Conchas, age 27
Sofia Dancel, age 29
Kaelen Ebata, age 20
Ian Larkin, age 29
Lerman Montoya, age 22
Phil Martinez, age 38
Angeles Maldonado, age 29
Annestello Pedreiro, age 27
Redeen Robinson, age 29
Jorge Soria, age 62
Samuel Torres, age 23

Arrested for Aggravated Assault on an Officer:

Jakob Beskind, 21
Jamaar Williams, 34

The protest was in response to the announcement that ICE is planning to roundup subjects of deportation orders on Sunday.

Police officers were reportedly assaulted while attempting to take the suspects into custody.

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  1. The organizers of the protests call these people “useful idiots.” In the future, some of them will realize how they were used. However, a certain percentage will remain idiots.

    If someone figured out the ratio that would be some “useful” information!

  2. Want to know the big difference between AOC’s Concentration Camps and the real one’s occupied by the Jews under Hitler’s regime? Anytime those who are held in AOC’s Concentration Camps can leave and go home.

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