Fix Is In To Appoint Reagan To Dad’s JP Spot Unless Public Acts

michele reagan
From Starbucks to the Phoenix International Raceway, Michele Reagan is the consummate promoter. [Photo from AZSOS].

The establishment is out to protect its own once again, as Michael Reagan, longtime Justice of the Peace in the Scottsdale area, is set to retire (, and it looks like the fix is in for the County Supervisors to appoint his daughter and former Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan to fill his seat.

Michael Reagan was himself appointed while his daughter was serving in the Legislature, and her name ID and the last name Reagan made for easy re-elections since then.  Michele’s tenure as Secretary of State was rocky at best, and GOP voters gave her the quick boot in the 2018 Primary.  So it was odd to hear that she was acting as a pro-tem Justice down in Pinal County (she lives in Maricopa County), essentially a substitute when the acting JP is unable to be at court.

Of course now it all makes sense, as Reagan will present herself as “qualified” for JP and the County Supervisors will appoint her to a nearly $120,000 a year job that she is getting only because of personal connections.

Many of the County Supervisors – Clint Hickman, Steve Gallardo, Jack Sellers, Steve Chucri, and Bill Gates (Chairman) – have longstanding connections with Reagan which might conflict them out of the vote, but county observers say that is not likely the case because they often appoint people to positions who they knew previously.  Like with legislative vacancies, the Board will essentially rubber stamp the decision of the supervisor whose district contains the seat that is open — which means Supervisor Chucri is the vote that matters the most.

That means it is up to the voters to make themselves heard now, before the appointment takes place.  Perhaps they can encourage Reagan to get something she hasn’t had before — a real job in the private sector, where she can be held properly accountable for getting results or failing to get them.  Supervisor Churci can be reached at or by calling 602-506-7431.


  1. Once on the taxpayers payroll it’s tough to get off. Ray Carrollis a prime example of a political payoff for a judgeship. The ONE person that was NOT qualified but he helped Steve get elected. Crony governmentalism at it’s finest.

  2. I’m not saying she may not be qualified for the job but it sounds just like what happened with Ray Carroll down in Green Valley. Once on the public teat, always on it.

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