UPDATED – Maricopa County Sheriff Asking Public Help Locating Sun City Man

missing person

The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office has identified the deceased male as Alan Arvey. Mr. Avery
of Sun City, had been reported missing by his family to Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) earlier in the week.

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help in locating a missing Sun City man, Alan Arvey.

According to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, on August 22, 2019, Mr. Arvey was found to be missing from his residence of 11023 W. Sun City Boulevard within Sun City, Arizona.

Mr. Arvey was last seen at the address on the 20th by a neighbor. The last conversation with Mr. Arvey occurred on August 11 with the reporting party and there was no mention of him leaving the residence for any period of time. A check of the residence revealed Mr. Arvey’s required daily medications present but his registered 2007 Ford Fusion passenger was missing. There were no signs of foul play within the home at the time.

According to the reporting party, Mr. Arvey only leaves his residence for short periods of time to have dinner or obtain groceries. He is not known to drive long distances or be away from the home for more than a few hours at most.

Mr. Arvey is also not known to carry or possess a cell phone.

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office conducted a check of the nearby medical facilities. There was no information found to verify if Mr. Arvey had been seen by a physician or was currently under the care of a physician at any of the medical centers. There were also no calls for service by EMS to the location during this time.


  1. He looks like the body found at ranch
    Hey every one This guy isnt the only missing person
    There are 50 new missing young children Since July Aug
    Ck it out
    Why arent they as important as this one guy ??
    Wish ADI could focus on the Missing Children just In Az
    Since June 2019 thu Aug 2019
    It makes me sick to think of so many missing And they never get a minute of news Shame

  2. Please check with Coconino County Sheriff’s office. They are trying to identify a man found deceased near Oak Creek Canyon road.

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