Tucson Mayor To Foothills Residents “You Guys Are Going To Become F—— Oro Valley”

Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild lashes out at foothills residents.

On Wednesday, the Tucson City Council in a 6-1 vote, rejected for the time being a proposal to annex a portion of the unincorporated foothills into the City of Tucson.

An angry Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild, who was the lone “no” vote, lashed out at foothills residents after the vote, “You guys are going to turn into Oro f@#$%&%$ Valley.”

Tucson City Clerk Roger Randolph scrambled to turn off Rothschild’s microphone. Rothschild laughed in response.

Currently, the property of interest to developers is in unincorporated Pima County. The developers sought to be annexed into Tucson in order to build a four story hotel. If the land remains in unincorporated Pima County, only a two-story hotel would be allowed.

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It was unclear why Rothschild was critical of the neighboring Oro Valley. Oro Valley is one of the safest communities in Arizona, while Tucson came in dead last in a survey of the state’s safest cities with a population over 10,000.

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  1. Don’t forget McSally and 5 other politicans who want the Mexican ports to speed up fighting against more smuggling sensors at our border that Trump wants to install. These corrupt globlists like Rothchild can keep drugs and cheap labor coming in, killing our living wages for AMERICAN BLUE COLLAR AND MIDDLE CLASS FOLKS.

  2. I used to live in Oro Valley, but considered it a problem as it was too close to the disgusting things happening in COT and Pima County.
    Everyone in government in Pima county is corrupt. Period! Gross mismanagement at all levels, the law enforcement is HIGHLY politicized and is at extremes, depending on where you live. I am white and was stopped in South Tucson. Upon learning I had a concealed carry permit, without a weapon in the car, I was mistreated and looked down upon by the police there.
    Then there is the Tucson Shitty Council and your Mayor to be Romero. Seriously??. This dingbat who chased Grand Canyon University out of her ward is going to be Mayor???? Talk about corrupt. You are going to become a sanctuary City, whether it passes or not. You practically are already.
    I just got fed up and moved to Phoenix. While not without it’s problems, it will NEVER devolve into what Tucson and Pima County have become, or worse, what it is going to become.
    If you continue to vote for liberal shitheads, you are going to continue downhill until there is nothing left. End democratic rule, and JAIL THOSE WHO HAVE DEFRAUDED…Chuck Buckleberry comes to mind, and make examples of them. This is it for you guys. Employers overlook this area constantly in favor of Phoenix. Start with eliminating the board at TUSD! Send them packing, especially Adilita Grijalva….a first class POS like her father! End the La Raza program and actually TEACH THE CHILDREN instead of indoctrination I to Communism and churning out worthless angry social justice warriors who can’t hold a job.
    Think about it! All of it!! You have let idiots run things under the guise of tolerance and compassion. What you got? Foolishness, high taxes, crappy infrastructure, lousy schools, violence, reduced police and fire and about to become a sanctuary City.

  3. Tucson has plenty of problems and issues. Hopefully, the Sanctuary City Vote this November will be defeated! Imagine what will happen to Tucson then if it passes?

  4. Truth be told; Oro Valley has been
    rapidly descending into becoming
    “North Tucson,” ever since the
    elected Town Council has been filled
    with liberals from back east.

    However, Oro Valley has a long way to
    sink before equaling the City of Tucson
    in inept management, crony capitalism,
    and blatant hypocrisy.

  5. Tucson is a dump now! My old neighborhood, orangewood estates – Thornydale & MaGee—is now a ghetto! Very sad. So happy we left 4 years ago after 30 years and moved to Beautiful Green Valley.

    • Yes Green Valley is beautiful especially in the winter when the winter residents actually come back cut their 4ft High weeds out of their yards I’m leaving because of them.

  6. I’ve lived in Tucson for 38 years. It has become a complete armpit! OV rocks! Hope you’re one of the Rothschild’s that Trump puts behind bars, you criminal!

    • Hopefully you are being sarcastic but if not please describe “paradise” to us. If your retired, can stay inside most of the summer, and can afford your retirement, then maybe you’re satisfied. If you care about (pay attention to) the corruption and cronyism that happens all the time here in the COT and Pima County, then you’re delirious…in my opinion.

    • typical NIMBY response
      got what we wanted now STAY OUT
      go to poor CITY PROPER for immigrants, vagrants, drugheads, homeless
      more and more like San francisco – were we need to send out POOP PATROLS

  7. I lived in the City of Tucson for 40 years. I moved my family to fu##ing Oro Valley and do not regret the decision. Beautiful neighborhoods, scenery, not to mention its safety record. Tucson is a third world country compared to OV.

  8. I was born in Tucson and have seen a lot of self serving politicians come and go. Over the years the city has really gone down hill, especially with its politics and “leaders” that spend the taxpayer funds recklessly and ignore their fundamental responsibilities and priorities like fixing the streets and pulling the weeds. Pima county leadership is just as bad if not worse.

    • I totally agree with you…I’ve seen Tucson go from a great place to raise your kids….to the dump it has become. Sadly it’s become so blue , we will never again see it GREAT.

  9. He could care less, he’s leaving the office anyway…besides, he’s a punk! Passing Ward Only elections is the only way the COT will annex anything!

  10. Now that he is on his way out, he is being.truthful and honest.

    It not one community vs another. It should be how do we improve the quality of life for everyone.

    My sense is this issue ia driven for greed. It will only get worse with Regina in that mayor’s chair.

    • I’d like to know exactly how Rothschild fits into the famous (or infamous) family whose name he bears. These people intend to control the world and patiently have advanced that theme into the USA. Globalistic ideas are already inculcated into this little burg’s consciousness; look around and see the serfs already groveling in their hovels. More to come with Romero as the newest tool.

      • Back in the ’60’s I read “None dare call it Conspiracy” and was shocked anything like that could happen here or in America. But fast forward 50 yrs and OMG! it’s happening all over the USA. Sad for my grandchildren that they will never know how it was growing up in the 1950-60’s.

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