Arizona Angel Dad Ends Campaign for Congress, To Continue Fight For Secure Borders

steve ronnebeck
Angel dad Steve Ronnebeck announces Congressional District 3 candidacy in Tucson on Tuesday.

Republican Steve Ronnebeck, an Arizona Angel Dad, announced that he was ending his campaign for Arizona’s Third Congressional District, citing the challenges of raising money against an entrenched incumbent, and opportunities to help the greater good in districts around the country.

“I knew it would not be easy to take on a longtime incumbent like Raul Grijalva, but I was excited about our chances based on the enthusiasm our campaign launch announcement generated.” said Ronnebeck, “Unfortunately much of that enthusiasm did not translate to deep financial support and while we were blessed with small to medium contributions from awesome patriots who could barely afford it, we could not attract the larger contributions needed from those who could.”

“It is frustrating for me and for those who have been with me on this campaign to know that we had a good chance of winning this race if we could raise the $250-300,000 needed to run it. That isn’t a large amount relative to so many other races, but the people we needed to write those checks felt that their money would do more good elsewhere.”

“The other factor that helped me to reach this decision is I continue to get invited to come speak in Congressional districts all over the USA — about the need to secure our borders and end the non-stop flow of crime, drugs, and violence that streams across it. As a candidate I have to say no because I don’t have the time, but we need to re-elect President Trump and take back the U.S. House of Representatives. I would have loved to retire the Cartel Congressman and bring us one vote closer, but now I can go into dozens of districts and perhaps help swing an even greater number of seats.”

Ronnebeck closed by thanking those who had helped him along the way. “I have been humbled and will forever be grateful to those who stepped up, donated, volunteered, and helped us with our mission. You are all dear friends and I’ll be forever in your debt. I hope that my getting out this early will allow someone else with deeper pockets than mine to take on this race and rescue the people of the Third District from their failed Congressman.”

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