Gosar, Lesko Hope To Bring Space Force Headquarters To Arizona

GPS III SV03 launch [Photo courtesy U.S. Space Force]

WASHINGTON, D.C.— On Thursday, Arizona Representatives Debbie Lesko and Paul Gosar sent a letter to the Secretary of the Air Force advocating for Peoria, Arizona to be selected as the headquarters of the United States Space Force Command.

Peoria is located in Lesko’s 8th Congressional District.

The Department of the Air Force announced in May 2020 that Space Force Command headquarters locations would require an AARP index score of 50 or higher, be located 25 miles from a military installation, and in the top 150 metro areas. According to Lesko, Peoria meets all requirements.

Peoria Mayor Cathy Carlat and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey both support the nomination of Peoria to serve as the Space Force Command Headquarters.

“Space is a primary domain for a 21st century military. I have been proud to work with President Trump to push our National Defense Strategy back towards the realm of great power competition, recognizing the frontiers that require U.S. mastery for our national security. Arizona has a proud history and well-developed infrastructure which has contributed greatly to our nation’s pursuit of advanced space flight through a favorable climate, an extensive presence of aerospace and defense industry, and several Arizona academic institutions that greatly contribute to our nation’s space program. Arizona has been at the forefront of the United States’ development and superiority of air and space. As our country prepares for the next challenge, it only makes sense that Space Force leverage our existing infrastructure and patriotism for its permanent headquarters,” said Congressman Gosar.

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