Shameless Huckelberry’s Latest Money-Grab

Avid bike rider Chuck Huckleberry hasn't changed his stripes over his decades of rule in Pima County.

Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry appears to have no shame and his latest money-grab is evidence of that fact to many.

The county administrator is supposed to work for the Board of Supervisors and all the taxpayers in Pima County pay his salary. It is a long-known fact that the 71-year-old Huckelberry is one of the highest paid county administrators in the country – but why?

Over 20 percent of Pima County residents live in poverty. In fact, Pima County is one of the poorest metropolitan areas in the United States. Yet, there is a long list of questionable deals like World View, the purchasing of a Golden Pins Bowling Alley, and special treatment of organizations such as the University of Arizona Medical Center including below market rents for favored business interests and more during Huckelberry’s watch.

At the same time, Pima County is known for having more than 80 percent of our roads in poor or failing condition while being the highest taxed county in Arizona.

While many Pima County business owners are losing their businesses forever due to forced shutdowns and other restrictions limitations which severely limit their income, special deals being given to the select few businesses endorsed by Pima county at the expense of all taxpayers – Huckelberry has the gall to ask for another raise in his pay.

Currently, Huckelberry’s base salary is $302,000/year and he is asking for a raise which would take his base pay to $315,000/year. How does his more than $6,000 of pay per week compare with your income?

Huckelberry’s income is not limited to his base pay – he receives an array of additional benefits including:

● $550 vehicle allowance or use of a county-owned vehicle

● 3 weeks of vacation in addition to the time a county employee would earn after working for the county for 20 years

● Paid health insurance

● Pima County contributes $8,200 a year to his health savings account (the max allowed by law)

● $26,000 per year paid into the state retirement plan and an additional $15,000 paid into a supplemental retirement plan

Most of our salaries are based on our performance in our jobs. Generally, to earn higher incomes, we have to earn additional income which comes from hard work and the results of our efforts.

Hopefully, this will be the year that our newly elected Board of Supervisors will finally side with the residents; the taxpayers of Pima County, and not only not give Huckelberry a raise, but not extend his contract at all. Administrator Huckelberry, I hope you are finally able to enjoy your retirement and start spending the money in your retirement accounts that the taxpayers have provided to you. I also hope you stay in Pima County where you can help pay taxes to help undo all the damage you have done to us over the decades of your rule in Pima County.

You pay Huckelberry’s incredibly high compensation – do you feel you are getting your money’s worth?

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