Open Letter To Governor Ducey: You Have The Authority To Open For Business

Dear Governor Ducey,

At a time some recall, in the mid-60’s, over 100,000 people died of influenza, when the nation’s population was 40% fewer than today, and in 1957 there were even more related deaths to influenza with the nation’s population at about 50% of today’s.

Both were “pandemics.”

During both, folks went to work, school, the beach, gym, bars, ball games, and out to eat.

Hospitals were taxed to capacity, but life went on as usual.

There is no question folks are getting sick today, just as they do every year, but the suspicion is confirmed that numbers are skewed as to the virus being the cause. The reason being: money, control, politics, or?

It’s fair to fault each!

So, being honest, reported COVID-19 deaths are either “with covid, due to covid, or simply claiming covid?”

The true numbers likely include much of the latter.

Here’s a true story which backs that up as told by a Vice President of Nursing within one of Southern California’s largest medical group.

Early on in the “pandemic” she revealed that her medical group, along with others, were focused on claiming COVID-19 deaths were the result of the virus “purely for earnings.” As we have witnessed, that has been confirmed in many instances that have come to light.

Recently, her husband died of natural causes, though her hospital “urged” her to agree that his death was due to COVID-19. She refused as it was not true, and having witnessed the “pressure” on others, knew it was wrong. This time it was personal, and she was angered and insulted.

Considering that information, simply “claiming covid” is strongly supported.

All that aside, Arizona’s economy is failing, and people are hurting physically, emotionally, and from their loss of a livelihood and shuttering of their businesses.

Florida’s governor considered the welfare of his state’s citizens and for the most part opened FL for business, and is demonized for doing so. Subsequently and statistically, FL is experiencing similar numbers “attributed to the virus” as are states suffering from mindless edict affecting people’s lives and livelihood.

Florida’s people are working and businesses as thriving.

It’s far past time to accept whatever political repercussions that might exist from opening the State for business and asking for your immediate consideration and action.

Simple as that for those with the authority to make it happen.

Larry Munsterman
Cottonwood, AZ