The Chuckster’s Check: Sunday’s Comic

Shameless Huckelberry’s Latest Money-Grab

Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry appears to have no shame and his latest money-grab is evidence of that fact to many.

The county administrator is supposed to work for the Board of Supervisors and all the taxpayers in Pima County pay his salary. It is a long-known fact that the 71-year-old Huckelberry is one of the highest paid county administrators in the country – but why?

Over 20 percent of Pima County residents live in poverty. In fact, Pima County is one of the poorest metropolitan areas in the United States. Yet, there is a long list of questionable deals like World View, the purchasing of a Golden Pins Bowling Alley, and special treatment of organizations such as the University of Arizona Medical Center including below market rents for favored business interests and more during Huckelberry’s watch…

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