Murrieta-type protest planned for Oracle

AZ-boys-ranch-oracle-3On Tuesday, July 15, residents of Pinal County are expected to be joined by Arizonans from across the state to protest the settlement of unaccompanied alien children (UAC), who are part of the recent border surge.

Organizers released a statement advising residents that they will be blocking the road leading to Peppersauce Canyon outside of Oracle, AZ. on Mt. Lemmon Road from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. They are also planning a follow up protest on Saturday July 19th.

Approximately 40 – 50 male UACs will be settled at the in the Sycamore Canyon Academy that houses male wards of the state of Arizona.

Residents who are angry about Mexico’s role in the surge are organizing a protest in front of the Mexican Consulate in Tucson at 553 South Stone Avenue, on Friday July 18, at noon.

According to a statement released this weekend, Bob Skiba, a Pinal County activist, residents are unsure when the busses will arrive so organizers will work on setting up a “vigil through the night at the junction.”

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu was alerted by federal authorities and has detailed thirty of his deputies to the site beginning early Tuesday morning. 

“There are major concerns from a public safety perspective about the situation,” Sheriff Paul Babeu told KVOA.

KVOA reported, “The new arrivals would nearly double the number of individuals currently staying at the facility.”

As the AZDI reported earlier, since June 30, 273 unaccompanied alien children (UAC) have been placed in the shelter operated by Southwest Key. The shelter has a capacity of 283 beds and is located at Miracle Mile and Drachman in Pima County.

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  1. Interesting that Oracle residents have received reports the last Two days that busses with the “‘chidren”
    had departed the Nogales retention facility. however they never arrived in Oracle. OK where did they Go? Tucson, Phoenix, Vail, Flagstaff or other secret facilities. We know the government will not be transparent.

  2. My knowledge of Sycamore Canyon Academy (SCA) was as a parent of a juvenile that was sent there. It was a very nice facility with high quality personnel leading a disciplined and structured program in a remote environment where a real impact is made on many of our young men who have found themselves in trouble. Call it a soft boot camp.

    Now it will be used for 14-17 year old males which make up 75% of the ‘unaccompanied children’ from Central America?

    It’s a real shame, no, a violation of our trust in our government to give up opportunities for our own youth. And yes, for 100% political reasons. Your children are nothing more than pawns under the regime of Barack Obama.

  3. The talking toilet-fish in the WH doesn’t CARE if there will be trouble in AZ w/the ‘resettlement camps.’ He doesn’t care what happens to the citizens of Oracle, AZ, nor the citizens of the US, nor what will happen to LOTS of folks when these damned illegal invaders bring their heretofore eradicated diseases to Oracle AND the US. I say, root ’em out wherever they’re found. Do whatever is necessary to send ’em ALL the hell back to whence they came. We know all ‘dear leader’ wants to do is play with his putter. Oh and by the way, anyone know how to toss Regina Romero out of office @ the EARLIEST possible date?

  4. When you have a sanctuary city and county, what do you expect. Regina Romero wants to take them all in and have the feds pay for them. Oh, wait Regina, ILLEGALS do have a cost don’t they and the taxpayers of the COT must pick up the bill. And what can I say about Pima county. They spend taxpayer money on blue water barrels so that the ILLEGALS will have a supply of drinking water on their long ILLEGAL trek across the desert. Yea, more of the same from Baja AZ. I just hope they do well in Oracle and turn some busses back. Wonder if our fearless leader will be told that there is trouble in AZ with the resettlement camps. Probably not, all he wants is some help with his putting.

  5. Also, buses of UACs are running in and out of the airport. Sometimes they are landing them here from elsewhere and sometimes they are shipping them out from here. It’s only taxpayer money so they can ship them all over the place anytime.

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