TUSD teachers denied access to the ADI

TUSD-COMPUTER-WARNINGOn October 18, teachers in the Tucson Unified School District contacted the Arizona Daily independent due to messages they had received on their District computers. One teacher reported that she was trying to pull up an article by popular nature write Jonathan DuHamel for class preparation she was denied access to the Arizona Daily Independent.

According to teachers, any computer using the TUSD portal is restricted from accessing the Arizona Daily Independent, which means no TUSD employees or students can log on to the ADI from any of the district computers. One teacher told the ADI that the site had been “available on Thursday, and has been ever since the ADI came into existence.”

The District technology center, advised the teacher that Cisco ironPort Web Reputation Filters has detected that https://arizonadailyindependent.com/ “is now one of the sites hit by malware and cannot be opened back up because of the malware threat. TUSD’s IT Department cannot do anything to open it back up, so ADI has become the forbidden zone.”

In response, the ADI contracted the emergency services of internet experts this weekend to confirm or refute the District’s claims about security. According to the experts, the ADI site is free of viruses, spyware, or any other malicious forces. The ADI has a SSL certificate. The SSL Certificate ensures readers that the site conducts secure sessions with browsers. SSL tells the server to establish a secure connection with the browser. “Once a secure connection is established, all web traffic between the web server and the web browser will be secure, according to Global Sign.

Unlike the Arizona Republic and the Arizona Daily Star, the ADI does not capture data from readers or allow pop ups or embedded ads in content. Unlike BlogforArizona, the ADI allows its readers to remain anonymous, and protects their privacy while blocking malicious software.

It would appear that the malicious forces are in the TUSD administration, and not on ADI’s servers. According to sources, TUSD Superintendent Sanchez is reportedly irate over an article published in the ADI last week: How TUSD achieved miraculous budget recovery. In that article, the sweeping of funds from the classroom to administrative offices is exposed. Most damaging however, is the fact that administrators report shifting Title 1 and desegregation funds to administrative coffers through journal entries.

Sanchez has begun a witch hunt in the District to determine which staff members are guilty of revealing the truth about his and Board president Adelita Grijalva’s questionable spending and hiring practices. With Election Day nearing, it is imperative that Sanchez preserves Grijalva’s position on the board. Should Grijalva lose and fellow board member Michael Hicks keep his spot, it is likely that the internal auditor would be hired. Both Hicks and board member Mark Stegeman have fought for an internal auditor for the past several months, but as the minority members on the board they have been unsuccessful in that fight.

One veteran educator asked ADI “why TUSD, with all the supposed efforts being made to attract and retain the great educators students deserve is still advertising for 180 openings on its website. By this time in the school year, most school districts have filled all their openings. Maybe the Pima County Democratic Party, who profess to support public education, should be demanding to know why TUSD, with all its resources, is spending millions to create and fill five new central administrative positions and spending millions more on an Early Learning Center (daycare) for staff instead of using those resources to hire the teachers TUSD students need. Or, are they planning on leaving these positions unfilled to use the money they save from not hiring needed full-time teaching staff in order to backfill the hole in the budget they claim does not exist?”


  1. We have taken responsibility away from parents in our quest to be “do-gooders” We have ruined our society. Look at 1/2 of our population taking some sort of government subsidy. I think the SNAP cards need to be done away with. If people are hungry give them a sack of flour, excess brick of cheese, and a bag of beans. if they’re hungry they’ll take it. The food banks are the biggest enablers around. They are feeding many people from Sonora, Mexico. We teach them to take, take, and take some more. Stop it.

  2. what I cant figure is when did it become teacher and taxpayer responsibility to “provide” school supplies? At the .99 store and dollar tree you can buy all the school supplies you want. Of course you can go to fry’s, safeway etc and pay 2-3 times for the same stuff or even go to wally world and pay approx .50-.75c cents more for the same stuff! But then the parents cannot afford their 50+inch fancy tv or jordan or whoever name shoes nor can they go out to eat every night if THEY had to provide for their kids supplies! Teachers dont make a lot, but then again they are employed and bringing in some income. Shut down the give away of school supplies, tell the parents what the kids need and if they dont have it send a note home to get them some stuff. Or at the beginning of the year have the kids bring in x amount of paper pencils etc. The parochial schools do this I believe so why cant the public schools if they want to participate in give away stuff. Just let the parents provide the stuff to give away. I remember walgreens and others were giving school supplies, dont they do that anymore?

    • It’s mostly because a good percentage of parents don’t give a damn and view school as nothing more than free day care.

  3. It is wrong that TUSD spends money to recruit teachers outside of AZ when we have fabulous teachers right here. I’m wondering if the public knows that teachers in TUSD with 10+ years of experience, 2 advanced degrees and/or certifications make less than 40K a year? Does the public know teachers work on an average 50+ hours a week? They spend their own money for the benefit of our kids? That is just for starters. Are their rights published anywhere? There is a published Student’s Rights and Responsibilities each year but nothing protecting those on the front line. Our state and TUSD do not support those who are the most important!!! Let’s crawl before we can walk and support our educational foundation… Those who work in schools!!!!

    • 40K for 9 months and probably the most lucrative retirement plan available. Not bad coin. That would equate to 53k if you worked all 12 months. Relative to other pay in Tucson, your near the top of the list.

      Want to make a lot of money? Great. But why do you expect it in the public sector, from the taxpayers?

      You’ll have to look pretty hard to find salaried professionals in the private sector that don’t work 50 hours per week.

      Boo, hooo, hoooo.

  4. The website is accessible now. Maybe it was just a temporary thing, or they decided it wasn’t such a good idea??

  5. Actually tusd is within its rights to block/ban whatever they want on their website. Most company’s/corporations have limits on what can be viewed and its really not a big deal. It is for those who just want to rant and rave against any and everything, but if you are a tusd employee then you are obligated to follow their strictures regarding what can be viewed/used on it computers. If ADI is forbidden so be it, go home and read it! ads has imposed it own ban of folks reading their drivel, its called a subscription, but they have nothing to offer and so the fee is not worth what they have as a product. BUT, evidently some here still subscribe to ads for whatever reason. But lets grow up now. NO ONE has the right to do anything on a corporation or company computer system just because they want to. The big thing is tusd needs to be honest as to why it is blocking this site from their web system. When I worked for a defense contractor, we had blocked sites that were generally public domain, but could not use. The government guys had the same issues on their systems so its not a violation of anyones right to a free press.

  6. Keep up the great work. ADI is the only news organization doing investigative news reporting. The more I read Tim Steller whine when someone mentions the ADI, the more I know you are doing a great job. Steller is a hack “journalist” who can’t stand that Ally Miller is holding the other BoS members accountable and that ADI is reporting their illegalities for the masses. He is party to keeping this city in the dumps. He blasts Raytheon in another one of his opinion pieces for simply asking for the same breaks other states are giving corporations who bring high paying jobs to their cities. He’s clearly not smart enough to understand what a Tucson without the 10,000 well paying jobs Raytheon provides would look like. Detroit comes to mind.

    Keep up the great work ADI.

  7. OK, looks like TUSD is yet another place we need to fumigate.

    I’m an IT person myself. Ever since an incident many years ago (where I was trying to download a database evaluator from the IBM site, and ended up with a strip-tease screensaver instead – on my WORK computer), everything on my home systems gets scanned completely – and anything even mildly suspicious quarantined and logged; which picks up a few false positives, but hasn’t ever had a false negative.

    My logs show absolutely no activity from the ADI site. I’m on here about every second or third day, too.

  8. I am sitting at Catalina High School and HT Sanchez is present. He is talking about kids at TUSD. One comment ……………….

    Do as I say , not as I do.

    Darn that sounds like a dicho.

  9. Freedom of the press is one of several basic rights of the people which is covered in the 1st Amendment to the Constitution. It took a great deal of devotion to personal liberty for the patriots of the Revolutionary War and throughout all of US history to maintain those 1st Amendment rights as well as all of the other. I truly appreciated what Jeff Utch stated today on James T. Harris’s show, that you’re either an enemy of liberty or a patriot of liberty. I believe that those who support and speak out for the continuation of all of our rights covered in the US Constitution are patriots of liberty. Those who don’t are not “progressives,” they are not “socialists,” nor are they “communists,” all of the aforementioned being those who have opposed and forbidden at the very least the rights covered in the first 10 Amendments to the US Constitution; rather, they are Enemies of Liberty.

  10. A banana republic in action. Get your neighbors out to vote. Both parties depend on low information voters. Democrats could care less about kids. TUSD is just more proof.

  11. The bigger the Gluttonous Beast, AKA, TUSD, the more it requires in food, Tax Payers Monies, to survive and will eliminate anything or anybody to achieve it’s goal of total supremacy over the situation. This is not about teaching kids anymore. I has turned into a race baiting beast that is now PO because it seems to have lost a place to spew their racist BS.

  12. Adelita LaGorda Grijalva should be denied access to the dinner table, her morbid obesity growing by the day.

  13. This is a typical reaction from the incompetents that are allowed to run TUSD. As I have posted before the Grijalva’s and their ilk want to keep their supporters dumb and poor in order to preserve their power. Without two sides to the story, they can Sanchez and Grijalva have control of any information that leaves 1010 and they are trying their best to keep all of the employees in the district beholden and scared. Again, typical bully tactics because the truth is slowly starting to leak out. You can only kick people so long and then they start to turn and demand the truth. Hope the ADI keeps up the good work. Just wish the ADI was required reading for all of the low and no information voters that have allowed this area to be the punch line in AZ.

  14. Sounds like ADI struck a big nerve over there. Keep up the great work. I wouldn’t worry too much about not being able to use the TUSD portal to access ADI information and articles. There are other ways to get to your information, email it, or print it and not use their equipment to do it. It’s just childish that TUSD would waste their time putting up stumbling blocks, then have their IT people lie to everyone about what happened or how easy it is to fix. I hope they all lose at the polls and maybe we’ll get to see some of them finally go to jail.

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