Bill Ayers and brother Rick discuss corporate evils in education at Hilton El Conquistador

Sean Arce with Augustine Romero|Bill Ayers and Rick Ayers

Bill Ayers and his brother Rick lounged in the lap of luxury this week while taking a break from presenting on the fine art of community organizing and resistance at the National Association of Multicultural Educators Conference this week. The educators conferenced at the plush El Conquistador Hotel outside Tucson, Arizona.

On Thursday, Rick Ayers, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education at the University of San Francisco, presented Scholar-Activists Bridge Across Borders Via Community Organizing. Ayers and panelists Miguel Zavala, of California State University Fullerton, and Tricia Gallagher dialogued about community organizing strategies for multicultural education, exploring the possibility of both multi-ethnic struggle and scholar‐activism.

On Friday, Bill Ayers and former Tucson Unified School District teacher, Curtis Acosta, offered their pearls of wisdom on the subject of Educational Courage/Coraje: Building Community and Solidarity to Resist Corporate-­Driven Education. Ayers and Acosta discussed “educators and activists who have shown courage resisting current market-­‐driven educational policies and shared their stories and strategies of courage and hope,” in the Hilton Corporation’s destination resort.

bill-ayers-rick-ayersAyers, best known for his work with the radical Weather Underground, was heading out of Tucson Friday night.

The NAME conference will conclude on Sunday. The theme this year is Dismantling Fronteras through Multicultural Education: Con Comunidad, Cariño y Coraje.

The plush El Conquistador is located in the foothills overlooking the 8th poorest metropolitan area in the country. The decision to hold the conference at the resort angered Raza activist David Abie Morales, who blogged on the questionable choice last week. He questioned why the “NAME conference on decolonization in education in Tucson, is being held at El Conquistador, named after the despised conquistadors.”

The local organizer of the conference, Tucson Unified School District’s (TUSD) Pueblo High School Principal Augustine Romero, chose the location for the always revolutionary event.

The Tucson NAME Chapter Planning Committee includes such notables as TUSD’s Board members Cam Juarez, Kristel Foster, and Adelita Grijalva, UofA professors Jeffrey F. Milem, and Julio Cammarota, Pima County Supervisor Richard Elias, and former MAS teachers Maria C. Federico Brummer, Curtis Acosta, Sara Rusk, and Lorenzo Lopez Jr.

“That’s right, the conference about decolonization will take place at The Conqueror in the mountains of mostly white Oro Valley where you can look down on the Tucsonans from your balcony…,” blogged Morales, “that is if there weren’t mountains in the way.”

The resort is nestled at the base of Pusch Ridge, approximately 15 miles away from the University of Arizona and TUSD’s central office. TUSD is the home of the now disbanded Mexican American Studies classes.

The ADI reported earlier that the group called on “the entire NAME membership, to join us in envisioning the kind of transformative and inspiring gathering that the Tucson conference could be. We are needed now and there as much as ever.”

Educators appeared to be inspired by their surroundings, while sipping wine, as they discussed the price point offered by the publishers of their past and upcoming publications.

To read the Conference Program, click here.

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  1. What’s a good acronym that would represent the Grijalva’s & company that would be comparable to the NAACP that represents the victimhood of blacks? Blacks are starting to wake up so the democrats need a new ethnic group buying the victimhood, hate whities, corporations, America, working hard, self worth, basically everything this country stands for. We might as well start it here since it seems to be the epicentre of Mexico North.

  2. And the keep em, poor, dumb and dependent on the government beat goes on here in the liberal southwest. Those people at that conference want so much to move to San Francisco where they would fit right in with the rest of the left wing wacko’s. Bet even Nancy Peloci wouldn’t even let them in the door. Yea, Bill Ayers is such a hero that his bombs killed cops and he has said that he would do it all over again. What an ass and he is still free and breathing my air. The cops are dead and not breathing any more thanks to him and his radicals. You know that he was an Obama mentor too, don’t you. And you wonder why this country is screwed up.

  3. Like Veronica, I’d like to know what the registration fee was for this event, the room rates and other associated costs of attending this forum. The irony of the Conquistador selection is too delicious to ignore for future “Raza” events.

  4. Who’s paying for this social gathering of damn communists? It’s time to reprint and pass out to all of the libertal “No-Lows” (Low or no information) James Clavell’s book A Child’s Story.

  5. Maybe Bill Ayers is leading sessions on how to bomb the federal government, or possibly killing cops. Nice to know an admitted terrorist can be so well respected by leading Tucsonans. I’m sure LaGorda and Raul Grijalva are taking it all in.

    Tucson, Meet Yourself.

  6. Communists, socialists, radical chicanos, racists and bigots.

    Tucson, meet your ‘leaders’ and teachers of your children.

    6th poorest city in America.

  7. Well it was at least a good week for the El Conquistador staff particularly the resturants and bar. A brief spike at the beginning of snowbird season.

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