Southern Arizona’s Legislative District 2 Passes Resolution Against Pima County Bond

Southern Arizona’s Legislative District 2 boundaries include much of the fifth poorest metropolitan area in the country and extend all the way to Nogales and the international border, so the decision to pass resolution in opposition to the entire proposed 2015 Pima Bond package was not a surprise.

Standing up for the hard-pressed residents of LD2, the AZ-LD2 Executive Committee passed the resolution following a Pima County Bond forum on Saturday at Quail Creek in Green Valley, AZ.

“Our analysis tells us that adding further debt for Pima County with current debt of $1.3 billion is an issue which we can adamantly oppose for all voters,” said the LD2 spokesman statement.

The group believes that voting at this time to pass an additional $816 million debt not paid until 2034 is “short-sighted and detrimental to the financial well-being of our local businesses and communities. We cannot allow emotion to overcome practicality.”

The GOP Legislative District 2 Southern Arizona boundaries begin at the foot of Davis-Monthan and go all the way to Nogales and the international border.

According to souces, Legislative District 9 passed a similar resolution.

The LD2 resolution reads:

Resolution of Arizona Legislative District 2 in opposition to Pima County’s 2015 Bond Package

Preface: In April 2015, when the Pima County Board of Supervisors moved to pass the seven-part $815 million bond package to voters for the November 2015 ballot, they were unduly influenced by frequent and multiple weekly personal testimony from non-profit organizations, charities, churches and private businesses asking for taxpayer money at the PCBOS meetings held on the first three Tuesday of each month at 9 am.

Whereas, all taxpayers in Pima County demand Truth in Voting knowing that a bond is a tax increase.

Whereas, Pima County has a long history of breach of trust by not delivering promised 8 year step salary raises to Pima County Sheriff deputies.

Whereas, Pima County has demonstrated a complete and utter disregard for 80% of county citizens demanding road repair.

 Whereas, Pima County Arizona property owners and businesses are burdened with current debt of $1.3 BILLION

Whereas, adding $815 MILLION additional debt in the seven-part bond package will bring the total debt that taxpayers have to repay to $2.1 BILLION, not including interest or operation and maintenance, another tax burden to come.

Whereas, the Pima County Board of Supervisors passed a budget of $1.16 BILLION on June 16, 2015 raising the property tax rate to 9.165 and raising the library tax .08 per $100 assessed value knowing that raising property and personal taxes is contingent on passage of the bond.

Whereas, Pima County explicitly allows itself to opt out of any commitment to the voters in the fine print of the bond package by saying “these projects are not mapped as locations will not be determined until after the election.”

Whereas, Pima County board of Supervisors has shown historically and by its actions that is cannot be trusted to administer more taxpayer money or attract more business to our area with its hostile to business policies.

Therefore it is Resolved:

We the Executive Committee of Legislative District 2 affirm and declare our opposition to the 2015 Pima Bonds. We applaud District 1 Supervisor Ally Miller’s decision to stand firm against the Pima Bonds.

LD2 Chairman: Sergio Arellano
1st Vice-Chair: Yale Wishnick
Secretary: Angie Anderson

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  1. Taxpayer there are a lot of NO INFO voters because the parties dont care. The R’s do not try here in baja and I guess just like the status quo. The D’s dont worry because they have their issues identified with a D behind the name on the ballot, thats all they need.

    I was given a handout for the R’s for city clowncil. Know where the guy passing them out was from? He was from PHOENIX of all places. Where are the activists here in baja az? Like I said they dont care and the few folks that participate in debates here on this forum are a minority group at best. The party of R is out of touch completely and really doesn’t care as far as I can tell. The D’s just put up ‘yes’ signs all over and thats all they need. Where are the opposition signs to the new taxes? I have seen 2 maybe 3 all over town, actually 2 were on Valencia road of all places. The pima county installed signs are on every corner it seems.

    So if you think it low info voters, its actually low output party that is to blame. Only stuff I get is to send more $$, they dont read correspondence sent to them. NO $$ until they get good qualified candidates, not the party hacks that they support like mclame, mcflake and mc whatever her name is that just got elected. Where are the younger folks that tried a couple of years ago and ALMOST beat grehalfa? There were others but they had no support just like wooten this last go round. So point the finger where it needs to be the lazy do nothings that are supposdly ‘party leaders’ here in baja.

  2. I was becoming concerned that
    too few were going to stand up
    and object to this outrageous Bond

    There are so many low and no information
    voters in Pima County, it’s scary.

    And lurking in the background is the
    specter of the 2006 RTA vote changing

  3. Bout time our Real leaders spoke up, keep up the good work Chairman Arellano don’t let the haters bring you down.

  4. It’s nice to see someone in conservative leadership standing up for the people of Pima County. Huckleberry & his minions keep railroading the taxpayers in Pima County. We will soon be another Detroit if they are allowed to continue.

  5. Finally some Republicans with cojones. Keep it up folks. Destroy the GOP as we know it in Pima County. Start over with the above Republicans that show some back bone.

  6. Thank you thank you thank you. These bonds need to be voted down. Both parties are advancing socialism. It hurts those on the bottom first.

  7. Congratulations to LD-2 of the Republican party. At least someone in the “conservative” party does not appear to be in the pocket of Chuckleberry/Carroll or a recipient of the crony proceeds from the almost 1 Billion dollar bond. Good job ADI for finding this tidbit. I doubt I will find it in the Star or the other Pima county supported Media outlets.

  8. Good article, ADI! Thank you to Legislative District 2 for taking this action. We read the 99 projects bond package complete with model airplane parks and a bicycle velodrome. Because of Pima County’s current huge debt, we think voters should wait for a better bond package perhaps next year.

  9. Bravo legislative districts 2 and 9. This is a very comprehensive and factual report of the numerous failings of our board of supervisors who seem to think they work for the,county administrator rather than the people that elected them.we need to replace all the incompetent supervisors who lack education and experience as true stewards of the people. Ally miller is the only supervisor who consistently shows her concern for the welfare of pima county residents and tax payers. Vote NO this ill conceived feel good plan that will drive us off the cliff.

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