LaWall Wants RICO Cash For Perimeter Bicycling

Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall and former Supervisor Dan Eckstrom
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Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall is requesting that the Board of Supervisors today review and approve of RICO monies to various organizations. LaWall is requesting approval of funding for organizations and activities ranging from 88Crime, Inc. to the Perimeter Bicycling Association of America, Inc.

The Pima County supervisors are expected to vote on the RICO requests at today’s Board of Supervisor’s meeting.

Later in the day, Arizona legislators are scheduled to hear testimony from Pima County resident as to the ongoing misuse of RICO monies.

Changes to RICO oversight went into effect in August 2017 as a result of the passage of HB 2477 by the Arizona Legislature last year. The bill was hailed as a major reform of Arizona’s asset forfeiture laws. RICO (Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations) funds “are generated by law enforcement activities that result in asset forfeiture proceedings,” according to the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission.

RICO monies are expected to be used for law enforcement supplies and training in their efforts to specifically fight criminal organizations and/or aid victims. However, the funds have become slush funds of sorts and are too often used by county attorneys and other law enforcement officials to win friends and influence people.

The request by LaWall for approval of a $5000 payment to the Perimeter Bicycling Association of America, Inc. is evidence that HB 2477 did virtually nothing but diffuse responsibility for irresponsible spending.

The Perimeter Bicycling Association of America requested $10,000 initially. The organization notes in its application that it hopes to use the money to manage juvenile offenders, who will volunteer in the organization’s office, as part of court ordered community service.

Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry advised supervisors that he was forwarding the requests without the input from the supervisors’ independent RICO advisor. Huckelberry claimed that his staff reviewed the requests and stated that they believed the requests were in keeping with the County’s goals.

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  1. No problem, really.

    Each registrant for the El Tour
    will be deputized and conduct
    Neighborhood Watch activities as they
    circle the City.

  2. The board needs to admonish chuck in the next public meeting.

    As for chuck and his office ( all asst Mgr & all staffers) ,if there lips are moving you know he(they )is lieing!

    Lets hope the people of pima county fire the county attorney next election cycle. Who knows what else we will discover when we illuminate all the dark shadows that bos and friends (machine) have done for last 20 plus years.

  3. Well of course she does. Like the majority on our county board of sups, county administrator, county boards, and admin., she would feel prosperity is directly linked to the amenities, not basic infrastructure, that a community offers. We could have had the Tesla’s Gigifactory if Pima County had spent more on the things techie’s love. Bring the techie’s and businesses will be forced to move, similarly stated by a member of the bond advisory committee. It’s no wonder Tesla chose Clark NV, a site 30 miles east of downtown Reno, it was the amenities, taxes be damned. Check it out at
    Just a few hundred millions more of tax and spend and the elusive ‘they’ will be flocking to Pima County. Look around and witness how effective it has been for Greater Tucson since the ’80s.

  4. I really think the DOJ needs to look into the way LaWall spends the RICO funding. It would seem to me that this perimeter bicycling would not be a legal way to spend the money as it was.

  5. Unfortunately when the legislature passed the new RICO funding process they just made it easier to politicize the use of assets grabbed by law enforcement .

    Stone LaWall has perfected the use of RICO funds for what ever suits he fancy. It is good to see that Steve Christy has finally flipped to the liberal side of the BOS. As they say Go Along to Get Along.

  6. looking into the bicycle considerations of the 5 bicycle races only one is in Tucson, the other 4 are in other counties. Going with the Idea it takes a village. It has and always will be taking the whole of the village to continually support the Bike system through Tucson. It is NOT the Pima County to support the rest of the state No this only buy’s influence this is not what the RICO funds are for. Give the monies to the Atty Gen so the state can support the bicycle program through out the state wide. Farnsworth needs 5 million to combat trafficking hat is what the RICO is for

  7. Are we surprised about the bicycling grab? Not in the least. This gets approved, then its in your face to the state and legislature. How about a 4=1 vote by the BOS? Thought so. Barbara gets what Barbara wants regardless of the legality of the funds. What police work, training or equipment? Thought so.

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