Miller Rejects Expensive Sustainability Plan, Pima County BOS Dems Blasted

On Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller rejected Resolution No. 2018-66, which called for adopting the clearly politically motivated Sustainable Action Plan for Pima County Operations 2018 to 2025.

“It is obvious that the Board wasted more taxpayer dollars on a meaningless resolution in what appears to be an ongoing attack on the Trump administration. When President Trump rejected the Paris Climate Accord, our economy started to boom and we continued to surpass other nations in decreasing Carbon emissions. As a result, it is obvious that the Accord was nothing more than a wealth redistribution scheme. The residents of Pima County, home to the fifth poorest metropolitan area in the U.S., cannot afford to have what little money they still possess, redistributed to the County for more feel good schemes,” stated Miller.

Supervisor Miller shared the very same and serious concerns that many residents have with the “Plan.” Those concerns were expressed before and during the Call to Audience portion of the regularly scheduled meeting. Yet, a majority of the supervisors voted in favor of the controversial measure.

Among the concerns expressed by residents and Supervisor Miller was the fact that the “Plan” appeared to have been created with little or no public involvement.

According to Miler, the most obvious and widely held concerns about the “Plan” was that it “lacked any real quantitative information;” and “would be extremely expensive for residents who are already struggling under the highest property taxes in Arizona.

During the meeting, Supervisor Miller pressed County Administrator Huckleberry for information to substantiate claims made in the “Plan.” When asked to provide answers as to how much money had been spent on the purchase of voter approved “open space,” Huckelberry failed to answer her question.

Huckelberry also failed to answer her question regarding his apparently unsubstantiated claim that the County had seen more than $14 million in savings from other sustainability programs.

“Once again, County Administrator Chuck Huckleberry had no answers. Taxpayers have made tremendous sacrifices to maintain the quality of our environment, and they deserve answers. They deserve better than political stunts,” stated Miller.

Miller wasn’t the only person at the Board of Supervisors’ meeting to reject the antics of the Board majority. During the Call to the Audience portion of the meeting, the Democrats on the Board were soundly criticized by a Democratic Party activist, who questioned the highly controversial decision to buy and shut down the Golden Pins Bowling Alley:

Pima County activist, Felecia Chew, has led the fight to save the Golden Pins Bowling Alley after Supervisor Miller exposed the crony deal. In that deal, Pima County purchased the beloved bowling alley into a STD service center.


  1. Huckelberry also failed to answer her question regarding his apparently unsubstantiated claim that the County had seen more than $14 million in savings from other sustainability programs.

    How many rides have been booked and paid for on the balloon ride? What is the cost to the tax payers of PC to date and in future debt.

  2. What does the government do that is NOT a wealth redistribution scheme? That’s what we need to look for. They are always giving our money to themselves or someone else.

  3. Just more of the same kids and you have no one to blame but yourselves and Albert and his crew out west that bought all of Bronson’s BS, hook, line and sinker. Thanks Albert, you could have defeated her but you believed her lies. Thanks, so glad I am not in this cesspool that is Pima County any more.

  4. As soon as i am done with No5thterm, i will enjoy a break and ya’all best know i am back after the puppet master ( Chuck Huckleberry) and his puppets Elias, Sharon, Ramon and at times Christie.

    First ADI folks help me get Adelita Grijalva out of education. Then can refocus in BOS and Raul.

    Richard Hernandez

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