Over 100K Arizona Ballots Left To Count, Fontes Under Scrutiny

Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes.

On Tuesday evening, the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office announced that there remains over 100,000 ballots left to count.

The Secretary of State and Corporation Commission races are still too close to call.

The 2018 General Election has been shrouded in controversy. That controversy stems largely from the actions of Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes. On Monday, The Washington Free Beacon reported that Fontes’ questionable practices and failures are being called into question by members of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.


According to The Washington Free Beacon report, “The chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors emailed County Recorder Adrian Fontes on the Monday before Election Day, expressing concern over the emergency voting centers Fontes established.”

According to the document that was obtained exclusively by The Washington Free Beacon, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Steve Chucri sent an email to Fontes “formally asking” him to “place aside all ballots cast at emergency voting sites after early voting ended on Friday, November 2, 2018, until your legal authority to open emergency sites has been clarified.”

Ballot harvesting is illegal in Arizona. Experts argue that Fontes set up ballot harvesting sites for “emergencies” in primarily Democratic Party precincts. The Arizona Republican Party tweeted out an image of where the “emergency/harvesting” sites were located.

At the same time, many voters are reporting that their legally cast ballots are not counted according to the Recorder’s website.

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  1. THIS IS ELECTION TAMPERING and Fontes is the architect of it. Sticking up for his DemonRat friends.
    The Dims will do ANYTHING to get their way. ANY-THING! This is the simplest so far, but the brown shirts are coming if Republicans lie down for this abuse.

  2. So, we have two years to make our elections in all areas consistent and without ‘special situations’. And if you allow for ’emergency voting’, have a strict definition of what constitutes an emergency, and make a point of finding out if their ’emergency’ aligns with the RULES. If you allow different districts to behave differently and just up and change things according to obscure and unproven emergency rules, of course you’re going to have abuses. The left has never been a stranger to ‘fudging’, or as I like to call it: cheating and dirty tricks.
    The thing I find to be disconcerting is that the official responsible for extending early voting at these ’emergency centers’ made the point that ‘what’s wrong with making it easier for people to cast ballots?’ Well, here’s what’s wrong: it gives voters in certain districts more time to vote and more centers to vote in close to their homes and workplaces. That allows more votes in more liberal areas. OK, and the administrator thinks it’s OK, and argues that. Abrams, the candidate in Georgia is using the same kind of argument, but in reverse. She’s stating there weren’t enough voting places in her more Democratic district. She wasn’t happy that it was easier for voters in other districts because there were more machines available in those places. Democrats need to try to be consistent in their bitching. You can’t say a practice is fine in one place, and an attempt to steal an election in another. Make up your minds.

  3. Our votes in Pima County for Eastside republicans STILL are NOT counted from boxes E2 and E3, as of 11/15/2018 3:35pm, checking the recorders website. These are the main republican votes areas in Tucson.

    These have been waiting to be counted since 10-19-2018

    Are they going to be counted ? If so, when ?

  4. With all the early voting available at polling places, I am less fond of mail-in ballots. Room for lots of mischief with them..

  5. We Republicans have to be honest with ourselves. McSally ran a lousy campaign and Sinema ran a wise one. Why? Because the deciding factor was always going to be independent voters. In courting those independents, Sinema was calm, centrist and openly (unlike Democrats running in most of the country) willing to work with Republicans. I like Trump. Most Republicans like Trump. But the media has so poisoned the Dems and many independents against him that unless the Democrat running in a reddish state like AZ runs as a socialist, they have a chance. McSally didn’t lose this race. Cinema’s smart politics WON it. Now the trick is to see if she is true to her relatively new centrist positions…

    • You know she won’t be. Can’t change her spots, no matter how much concealer she applies. She will revert to old behaviours and run Arizona…. the meth lab of Democracy (her own words) farther into the ground than it has been for 38 years (due to McShame and McFlake).

  6. The Republican Party in Arizona is anywhere from weak to non-existent. What is the deal? Democrats have their way in elections because why …? In Pima County, the Republican Party allows Democrat Raul Grijalva to keep winning election after election in CD 3. Now, it’s apparently no big deal that Kyrsten Sinema beat Martha McSally by not so big a margin for the open senate seat. The Republican Party is a joke in Arizona. Probably by design.

    • The Republican Party in Arizona is anywhere from weak to non-existent. What is the deal? McLAME, McFLAKE no representation ! is the DEAL, was the DEAL, still effects the DEAL.. ‘Tuc sun’ has been “D” for my lifetime, won’t change – dumb and dumber – A joke by design ; now that is an interesting thought! How deep is deep state.. McDEEP?

  7. As I predicted, the Democrats are going all out in their fraud attempts this election. Fontes also mixed in disputed ballots with regular ballots. Whoops, now nobody can tell which is which! They are not even trying to hide their crimes, hoping they can just openly cheat and get away with it.

    So where is the Attorney General with arrest warrants? Was he paid off to look the other way? Is that why Democrats are “allowed” to cheat the election?

  8. How many illegal immigrants voted in 2018?
    No ID required ? One town reported 1487 illegal immigrants sent in mail in ballots.
    Why? How? WHat?


  10. The current Maricopa County Recorder is Adrian Fontes, one of Marco Lopez’s old buddies from Nogales. Marco Lopez is the Former Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Chief of Staff under Janet Napolitano, When she was DHS Secretary. Marco has always been helpful to the Dems in Arizona in terms of helping to “win” elections. He is ingenious – or notorious. Marco was always hyper-aware of keeping “control” of votes and the voting process. Napolitano’s first election was against Matt Salmon. It was an EXTREMELY close election (sounds familiar today). The votes that put her over the top and allowed her to win at the end of the evening, were turned in from Santa Cruz County (Nogales), where Marco Lopez was the non-salaried mayor. There was a rumor that there had been some kind of “deal” there. Marco Lopez would still be the “control” person for Nogales, now more than ever before. Marco Lopez was David Aguilar’s boss. Aguilar was the Deputy Commissioner of CBP, until retiring 8 FEB 2013. Aguilar went on to work for Dennis Burke (Former US Attorney for AZ; center of Operation Fast and Furious; resigned 30 AUG 2011) at their private security consulting company, GSIS.

    Burke works for Marco. Marco works for Salinas (Former MX President). Marco was on MX negotiation team re: US-MX-CA new trade deal. When Janet Napolitano sent someone to pick up Marco Lopez in Nogales, Arizona, and bring him back to Phoenix to work with her, Marco was the unpaid mayor of the city of Nogales and did telemarketing work for $8 per hour. Within less than five years, Marco was running the largest federal law enforcement agency in the U.S., as Chief of Staff. CBP had something like 65,000 employees. FBI at the time had ~ 30,000 employees.

    The Maricopa County vote counter, Adrian Fontes, is very close to Marco Lopez. Fontes was also the defense attorney for one of the central straw-purchasers and gun-runners re: Operation Fast and Furious, Manuel Celis-Acosta.

    Still have confidence in an open and honest recount in the AZ Senate race? This should cause concern for all. Knowing all this, I hope the State of AZ thoroughly looks into the current counting and recounting process.

    … and why did Former US Attorney for AZ (Dennis Burke) lament, over breakfast at an AJ’s Fine Foods in Phoenix on 23 FEB 2013, when talking about his and others’ involvement in Fast and Furious and the murder of BORTAC Agent Brian Terry, “We are all guilty as sin.” Why did he fear going to prison?

  11. As of 11/14/2018 – Our family’s two McSally votes have still not been counted, along with many republican votes in Tucson’s east side. The votes were signature-verified and ready to be counted since 10/19/2018

    Are they suppressing republican votes so far to make it look better for Sinema, yes !

    Check if your vote has been counted here:

  12. One of the biggest problems with the vote count is that the voters drop off their early ballot at the precincts on Election Day. If the ballots ha been received prior to that the extra time needed to verify the ballot would be done before Election Day and the ballots would be processed on time. By forcing the extra time needed to verify the ballot to occur AFTER Election ay, these voters delay everything. And the longer it takes, the more chances there are for a screw up.

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