Supreme Court Finds Prop 105 Language Accurate, Does Not Affect Existing Light Rail

arizona supreme court

Phoenix – The Arizona Supreme Court has ruled that Prop 105 should stay on the August ballot. The Court affirmed Maricopa County Superior Court and Appeals Court judgments.

The well-funded Associated General Contractors of America sued to keep the Prop 105 initiative off the ballot. The group claimed that Building a Better Phoenix had collected signatures incorrectly and that the initiative language was imprecise.

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“We are happy to see that the court agreed with us 100% that our committee complied with every requirement of the initiative process and that our language to stop the disastrous expansion of light rail in the City of Phoenix is accurate,” said Susan Gudino, Treasurer for Building a Better Phoenix, a grassroots organization. “Voters will now have the opportunity to put a stop to this financial train wreck that has tripled in cost to $1.35 Billion and will destroy South Phoenix by reducing Central avenue to two lanes.”

Gudino says the Court’s finding that Prop 105 does not eliminate funding for the existing light rail lines is also significant. “One of most outrageous lies being pushed by Valley Metro and opponents to Prop 105 is that the measure would defund all light rail in Phoenix,” Gudino said. “Hopefully this will put that false claim to rest and we can now debate whether wasting billions more on light rail expansion and not fixing our roads is a good idea.”

The vote on Proposition 105 will be held August 27.


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