As Expected, Reagan Appointed Justice Of The Peace

michele reagan
From Starbucks to the Phoenix International Raceway, Michele Reagan is the consummate promoter. [Photo from AZSOS].

In Arizona, the offices of Justice of the Peace are frequently soft-landing spots for failed politicians and on Wednesday, former Secretary of State Michele Reagan landed softly in the McDowell Mountain Precinct.

As I predicted in June, the establishment was going to protect its own once again, and install Michele in her father, Michael Reagan’s spot, upon his retirement.

As I noted before, Michael Reagan was himself appointed while his daughter was serving in the Legislature, and her name ID and the last name Reagan made for easy re-elections since then.

Michele was an abysmal failure while serving as the Secretary of State. It was her gross incompetence that led Republicans to dump her in the Primary. She lost to Steve Gaynor, and he lost to now-Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.

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The thought that she is being rewarded after having done so much damage to the Republican brand should be astonishing. However, given the nature of the Justice of the Peace appointee process, even the most embarrassing politicians can earn a spot under the Peter Principle.

Former Pima County Supervisor now-Justice of the Peace Ray Carroll is a perfect example of the Peter Principle when it comes to the appointment of Justices of the Peace (JP).

Carroll’s replacement on the Pima County Board of Supervisors, Steve Christy, nominated Carroll for the JP job. Christy told a resident living in the precinct to which Carroll was appointed and others that he wanted to appoint Carroll to a JP spot because it would force Carroll to stop getting involved in politics and “get him off our back.”

Unlike Carroll, who made no apparent effort to become qualified for the job, Reagan has spent the past few months getting herself “qualified” for the nearly $120,000 a year job by serving as Justice of the Peace Pro Tempore in Pinal County.