Navajo Nation Council Reverses Policy, Allows Parade Candy

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Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez promoted the “War On Diabetes” at the Navajo Nation Fair Parade [Photo from President Nez]

WINDOW ROCK – Children attending the Navajo Nation Fair Parade this weekend enjoyed candy thanks to a legal opinion that was delivered to the Naabik’íyáti’ Committee of the 24th Navajo Nation Council on Thursday. The opinion denied the applicability of President Jonathan Nez’s ban on candy at the parade.

The opinion, delivered by the Office of Legislative Counsel, stated: “Candy can be distributed by the Council during the parade…”

The opinion stated that the agreement for participation in the Navajo Nation Fair Parade held on Saturday, contained three specific provisions regarding the distribution of candies at the parade: no candy can be thrown from the floats; walkers must distribute giveaways at least 5 feet from the float; school supplies and fruits are recommended.

The opinion concludes by stating the memorandum from the Chief of the Executive Branch, President Nez, dated Aug. 5, 2019 is applicable to “all participants/entrees” of the Executive Branch.

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  1. I have Diabetes, and take insulin. Still eat candy, but you have to check your blood sugar more often if you do.

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