Jim Loves To Kick Miller Around: Sunday’s Comic

Jim Nintzel Comic

There is no doubt about it… Jim Nintzel is all about kicking around Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller and publishing as much clickbait as he can. In one of his most recent scribbles, Nintzel bemoaned the fact that he wouldn’t have Ally Miller “to kick around anymore.” That is disturbing on every level. His obsession with Miller could be a result of a mental illness from which he is suffering or she generates clicks…

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From The Expanding News Desert —

The advertiser-first mentality of 10/13 Communications has left its mark on the more than 40 papers the company owned for several years before selling them to four different owners in 2016. At the beginning of 2016, 10/13 was the 20th largest owner of newspapers, with 45 papers in Arizona and Texas. By year’s end, it had divested nearly all its holdings, retaining just three weeklies in the Tucson, Arizona, area under the subsidiary Tucson Local Media. The papers it sold included three dailies and 39 weeklies, located in and around Dallas, Houston and Phoenix.

The investment entity 10/13 Communications formed in 2009 as a partnership between 10K Investments and 13th Street Media, which is led by Randy Miller. In the industry, Miller is known as an advocate for his advertisers. He believes in beefing up the sales staff, while keeping newsroom staffing lean. “Our customer is the advertiser. Readers are our customers’ customers,” a leaked 2007 13th Street Media guidebook read.

The company’s remaining papers — the Explorer News, Marana News, and Tucson Weekly — represent what’s left of the 10/13 portfolio. The Explorer News and Tucson Weekly have a combined circulation of more than 75,000. As of July 2018, Tucson Local Media operates with a staff of five journalists and 23 employees overall, including six advertising executives. 11 Because 10/13 is privately held, its financials on these newspapers are not publicly available.

Editor’s note: ADI co-founder, Loretta Hunnicutt, currently serves on Supervisor Ally Miller’s staff.