Our Men And Women In Blue Deserve More Support, Not Less

Phoenix Police Officer Joe Mayfield helps elderly man to his car. [Photo courtesy Phoenix Police Department]

Arizonans know their law enforcement officers as neighbors, friends, and public servants. The ‘defund the police’ movement aims to rip police officers away from the streets they protect and end law and order as we know it.

This move should scare every American. Our men and women in blue deserve more support, not less.

As the mother of an Arizona police officer killed by an illegal immigrant, I have seen firsthand the daily sacrifices these men and women — and their families — make to keep our communities safe.

My son, Sergeant Brandon Mendoza, wanted to be a police officer for as long as I can remember. He worked hard and made that dream a reality, serving the Mesa Police Department for over 13 years. He would still be hard at work if it were not for a drunk driver — an illegal immigrant who got behind the wheel while three times over the legal limit and high on methamphetamine.

For weeks, I have watched in horror as our country is looted and destroyed, and police officers attacked and killed — all for honoring their commitment to defend and protect. Law enforcement officers — members of our communities — have been spit on, labeled as “pigs,” and according to Joe Biden, have “become the enemy.”

Just this week, a dozen police officers were violently attacked after a march through downtown Seattle ignited violence and destruction of public property. The week before that, 18 officers were injured in Chicago after they attempted to enforce law and order at Grant Park.

Police are not the enemy, and this mission to spread hate and disrespect must end.

America needs a leader who rejects violence, stands shoulder to shoulder with our police officers, and explores positive reforms that do not jeopardize the safety of our communities and loved ones.

Gutted police departments are not the way forward. We have watched as lawlessness manifests itself in cities like Los Angeles and New York that have recklessly opened their up their streets for more crime than ever before. I hope to never see this in Arizona cities.

We cannot allow for Arizona’s community protectors to get taken off the streets, especially at a time when crime is spiking across the country — and right here at home. In 2019, Arizona stole national headlines with a stream of heartbreaking crimes, and in 2018, according to the State’s Department of Public Safety, there were 29,986 burglaries, 6,480 of them armed with dangerous weapons. Imagine if there was no one to call — no one keep you safe and hold these criminals accountable.

And yet, Joe Biden and his Democrat allies are not backing down on their radical ‘defund the police’ agenda. Instead, they continue to play games with the safety of the American people by remaining silent against the rioting and lawlessness that is plaguing cities across the country.

I am grateful that our nation is in the hands of a leader who supports police officers, like Brandon, who put their lives on the line every single day to keep us safe. This November, Arizonans will choose between two fundamentally different leaders. While President Trump is working tirelessly to keep violent criminals off the streets and maintain law and order, I know one thing is certain: in Joe Biden’s America, your safety is not guaranteed.

Mary Ann Mendoza is an Angel Mom and a member of the Women for Trump Advisory Board.