Have You Seen Brno? Sunday’s Comic

brnovich comic


It’s nothing but crickets from the Attorney General’s Office after Scottsdale Police found no evidence of criminal conduct in its investigation into the so-called dossier allegedly compiled by a father of Scottsdale Unified board member Jann-Michael Greenburg, but a source told our reporter that the AG’s Office informed the district it will not open an investigation. AG spokeswoman Katie Conner declined to comment on the situation. But in a letter sent last month, Brnovich asked the FBI and DOJ to investigate what he labeled possible First Amendment or privacy law violations connected to the Google Drive files, which included personal info, photographs of parents and students and other data related to parents who have been critical of the district’s policies. The letter also said Brnovich would investigate whether any state laws were broken in connection with the dossier. The SPD statement discredited at least one part of Brnovich’s letter, stating investigators found all information included in the dossier was “open source and/or public documents.” That wouldn’t include social security numbers – something Brnovich explicitly alleged was contained in the documents in his Nov. 17 letter. After sending the letter, Brnovich also appeared on Fox News and took to the AG’s official Twitter to push the story. A source with prosecutorial experience criticized the letter in a conversation with our reporter last month for its heavy use of suggestive language, but Conner defended it, saying “There is nothing political about making sure First Amendment rights of parents are protected and that they are free of intimidation,” (YS, 11/19). Brnovich wasn’t the only conservative who saw the dossier as a political opportunity – several GOP candidates around the state also called for Greenburg to resign, and Kari Lake, Jim Lamon and Chaplik held a rally outside of an SUSD board meeting on Tuesday.


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