Yuma Sector Border Patrol Agents Find 5-Year-Old Abandoned in Scorching Desert

border patrol
[Photo courtesy Border Patrol]

Although Border Patrol agents in the Yuma Sector are overwhelmed by the thousands of illegal immigrants pouring into the U.S., they were not too swamped to come to the rescue of a 5-year-old boy who was abandoned by human smugglers.

Chief Patrol Agent Chris T. Clem of the Yuma Sector revealed the rescue in a tweet:

Agents assigned to the Yuma Station encountered a 5-year-old boy who was abandoned and alone on the border Monday morning. The Guatemalan child had a phone number written on his arm in black marker. He will be processed and turned over to Health & Human Services.

The child’s rescue is just one of many that has been conducted by Border Patrol agents and local law enforcement officers this year.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, 506 unaccompanied children passed through the Yuma Sector, this year so far, that number has grown to 1,707, a 237 percent increase. family encounters are up 242 percent, and single adult encounters are up 584 percent in the Yuma Sector.

In October 2021, two little girls captured hearts when they were rescue by a Yuma Sector Border Patrol agent, who found them wandering in the dangerous marshy area south of Morelos Dam.

The 6-year-old and 4-year-old girls were only carrying a note with contact information for their “Tia.”

The area in which the girls were found, according to Border Patrol, is an often-used crossing point by unaccompanied migrant juveniles.

border patrol
A Border Patrol agent found two little girls that had been left on the U.S. side of the border by human smugglers in early October 2021.
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  1. Inhumane and all this suffering caused by the un-elected joey biden. He is most definitely a dementia patient and should be in a hospital, not foisted by hook and crook on the American people and these children abandoned in the hot desert or freezing nights of winter.

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