HOA Reverses Itself, Will Allow Trump Flag

For a short time Gladden Farms resident, Joe Nichols, flew his Trump flag. [Photo courtesy Joe Nichols]

One Arizona homeowner will be allowed to fly his flag leading up to the 2020 presidential election. Joe Nichols, a resident in the Gladden Farms community in Marana, had just recently been denied the right to fly a Trump flag by his HOA.

The HOA’s (Home Owners Association), which had advised Nichols that he didn’t have the right to express his political views, had a change of heart, and has since revised their position.

According to the Gladden Farms Homeowners Association, the following will now apply to all residents who choose to exercise a political opinion:

“A U.S. presidential candidate flag may be flown from an approved flagpole on the Lot provided it is displayed no earlier than 71 days prior and removed no later than 3 days after the National Election Day (every four years). No more than one U.S. presidential candidate flag may be flown on a Lot at any time. No other flags, other than those permitted pursuant to A.R.S. 33-1808(A), will be permitted.”

I asked Joe Nichols about the change of heart and policy:

ADI: The HOA will be approving presidential candidates’ flags to fly in the run-up to the election. What was your immediate impression upon reading the news?

Joe Nichols: Well, I was very pleased that they had made that decision very quickly and did not drag it out until after the election. Once I shared with them the state’s rules regarding the right to fly the political flags 71 days prior to an election, they had to change. I do appreciate the board making a quick change.

ADI: Has there been any feedback from neighbors about the sudden change?

Joe Nichols: Very positive and glad that it did not turn into a battle. And that freedom of speech in America was the winner here. It was such a positive reflection on the Gladden Farms community.

ADI: Being a Donald Trump supporter is never easy these days. Additionally, many homeowners across the country have faced the same scrutiny and restrictions like yourself. What would you say to those who may be in a similar situation?

Joe Nichols: This is the UNITED States of America. Our country is a beacon to the world for freedom. So, when that freedom is suppressed, fight back peacefully and without hate or malice. Use your social media, print media, TV, and research your rights.

With less than two months until Election Day, Joe Nichols and any other resident at Gladden Farms will be free to express a political belief and support a candidate of their choice. The HOA, to their credit, will allow citizens to freely and openly engage in the political discourse this election season, and that’s good for both sides of the aisle.

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