Pima County Board Of Supervisors Candidate Vic Williams Under Investigation

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Pima County Board of Supervisors candidate Vic Williams is under investigation at the request of County Recorder F. Ann Rodriguez after he allegedly took photographs inside or within 75 feet of a polling place or walk-in early voting site. Rodriguez referred the matter to the County Attorney’s Office for investigation and possible prosecution.

State law prohibits taking photos inside an early voting or Election Day polling site and within 75 feet of the door of any polling place or early voting site. A violation of the law is a class 2 misdemeanor offense.

According to Rodriguez, Williams entered the Pima County walk-in early voting site located at the Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation Administrative offices on River Road, accompanying two supporters who cast early ballots on July 30.

Williams allegedly asked staff if he could take pictures at the site. He was told that he could not, and according to Rodriguez, signs are posted at the site clearly indicating that photos are prohibited.

Rodriguez noted in a press release tat Williams did not cast a ballot in the site. In fact, she says, he had already voted his early ballot and returned it to the Recorder’s Office by mail.

Rodriguez alleges that Williams then posted two photos that he took at the early voting site. Those photos are said to be clearly within the 75-foot limit area where photographs are prohibited. One photo shows Mr. Williams still inside the lobby of the facility in an area less than 15 to 20 feet from the voting room door. The open door and a voting booth are clearly visible in the background of the photo.

That photo also shows that Mr. Williams removed his mask in violation of the Pima County Board of Supervisors policy that mandates every person in common areas of any County facility to wear a mask.

“I am shocked that a former member of the Legislature would violate state statutes, particularly after he was specifically told that photos were prohibited. It is also very concerning that he would also recklessly endanger my staff and the staff of the Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation Department by removing his mask solely to take a publicity photo,” said Rodriguez in her press release. “Mr. Williams did not cast a ballot at the site. His entire purpose of being there was apparently to take these illegal photos.”

Updated July 31 at 6:00 a.m.

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