Video Shows 376 Central Americans Illegally Entering US From Mexico

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol has released footage of the 376 Central Americans illegally entering U.S. From Mexico on Monday. The video shows a sample of the large groups crossing the southern border on a daily basis.

The illegal aliens entered the U.S. through seven tunnels dug by smugglers under the fence separating San Luis, Arizona from San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico.

According to Border Patrol spokesperson Jose Garibay, children comprise a large percentage of illegal aliens now that it is widely known that adults traveling with kids must be released within 20 days.

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  1. I am one of the furloughed government employees and I’m in a financial bind but I FULLY SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP AND OUR NEED FOR A BORDER BARRIER! Whatever it takes, wall, steel fences, moat with alligators & piranha to stop this insane INVASION of the United States!! If Pelosi and her ilk love the illegals so much they should take them into THEIR homes and pay for their every need. Personally, I’m sick and tired of paying for these LEECHES on my country. If their county is so horrible it is THEIR fault and they need to fix it and not come here and destroy our society. BUILD THE WALL!!! I’M BEHIND YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP!

  2. Put ALL of these Central Americans on a C-130 and dump them back in their Central American country. The international rule for claiming asylum is that a person claims the need for asylum at the first border they come to. The US border is NOT the first border at which they should have claimed asylum. Therefore, none of them qualify for asylum in the USA. PERIOD! Cut off the funds to the countries from which they originated and ship them back NOW!

  3. No problem, right Nancy?? Chuck?? What is your comments on this invasion of our southern border???? A fence is immoral, right Nancy???? Comments from the liberals………about border security…….still waiting……..and…….and……

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