Pima County Residents Need To Know

For years, Pima County residents have struggled under the weight of a crony capitalism fostered by County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry with the help of friends like candidate Steve Christy. All the while the residents of the eighth poorest metropolitan area in the country have remained victims thanks to a complicit media.

The power brokers cook their deals to suit their needs, while Huckelberry’s hounds hunt down representatives like Supervisor Ally Miller. Ready replacements stand by in order to ensure that the power brokers stay in power.

Over the last two weeks and for the next two weeks, the ADI hopes to give voters a glimpse into the world of the men and women who make decisions about what they know and how they come to “know” it. Below, we offer you a glimpse into that world. It is up to the voters to decide if they want more of the same:

From writing opinion pieces against the interests of taxpayers…..


to keeping things amongst themselves…..


or having their talking heads – like Emil Franzi – let you know how great they are….

Emil Franzi wants those advertising $$$$

the current cabal appears to be uninterested in your interests. Join us as we explore Pima County in a whole new light — sunlight.

“Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants.” ~ Justice Louis D. Brandeis.

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  1. I witnessed Steve Christy last night at a Republican function. IMHO, he is nothing more than an entrenched, recruited member of the “good-ole-boys” club and I would not trust him as far as I could throw him. Marla Closen is a person we can stand behind and one that is not beholden to anyone.

  2. I’m a candidate for Board of Supervisors for District 4 who has fresh eyes. Prior to entering this campaign, I didn’t know any of those currently in office, and only knew a couple of PCs in the Republican party; however, I am a lifelong Republican. I am as far away from what we have today for our county government as possible. My diverse qualifications are outlined in great detail at http://BackBacker.org

  3. I’m with jojo. What’s the story on Steve Christy signs? They proclaim, “Steve knows roads.” and “Steve knows business.” Most former car dealers do. We’ve looked at his biography and find it lacking because for all the experience he’s claiming, the reality is he sat on a number of boards. Let’s elect a candidate from District 4 who is not tied to special interests in Pima County. We like Marla Closen. She has a road plan. Please give her your financial support and vote in the primary August 30th. We need fresh eyes in Pima County. Thank you!

  4. Christy is merely a shill for the ruling elite in Pima County. He’s just another good ole’ boy bought & paid for Don Diamond, Click, Tucson CofC and the rest of the YES on Bonds crowd. Christy certainly doesn’t know how to put up signs. They’re falling down all over. One more good monsoon and they’ll be gone. Let’s keep him out of office by electing Marla Closen in the primaries. She’s a proven leader with new eyes on the same old problems. It’s up to us to change who sits on the board. Get out and knock on doors and if you can’t do that send $20 to the MarlaClosenforSupervisor.com.

  5. One of the reasons I support Marla Closen in my District 4 race, is because I feel we need some fresh views, and someone not tied to anyone else here in Pima County. Even on the local level, a candidate that has huge sums of money or ties to big business, does not bring fresh new ideas, they bring a debt from the favors of election. One looks at this great article here, and sees that a candidate has not even been elected, and is already in the pockets of many, including the Pima County Administrator. This is sad, and part of the reason Pima County is a sinking ship. Perhaps we need that “beacon” of light that new candidates bring to an election.

  6. ADI, keep you the good work. With some of Steve Cristy’s campaign signs I would love to put a little addition. They say “Steve Knows Business.” I would love to put a label over business that says cronies………

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