Steve Christy Wants Pima County Job – Any Job

Since before the time he was turned down for a job in the Governor’s Office, Steve Christy has sought a position in Pima County.  Christy, one of three candidates for supervisor in District 4, is running as the candidate with connections and emails support that assertion.

Emails obtained through a formal request For Information filed by the ADI with the Pima County Clerk of the Board reveal just how connected Christy is. They also make Christy’s claim that he will fire Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry when he is elected very hard to believe.

While Christy’s claim might be questionable, his close relationship with Huckelberry and his apparent need for a paid position in Pima County government is not.

When he announced his candidacy in February 2016, Christy stated in a press release:

“I’ve considered running for the Board of Supervisors for some time as I believe that my experience could help provide three things this Board needs,” Christy said.

“The first is to accent and enhance the important goal of economic development which includes more than attracting new companies and new jobs, but also making sure that we aren’t losing any of those we already have.”

Whose Economic Development agenda?

One year earlier almost to the day, Christy had reached out to Pima County’s Economic Development Strategic Planning Director John Moffatt for a job. On February 18, 2015 Moffat forwarded an email from Christy to Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry:

Sent: 2/18/2015 9:48 AM
To: John Moffat
Subject: Gov’s Office

Good Morning John!,
Ron Shoopman notified me this morning that I was not chosen for the Gov’s Office for So.AZ. I understand that a gentleman out of the Arizona Hispanic Chamber named something like, John Ciquamante’(?), through the efforts of Lea Marquez-Pederson go the job.
I would very much like to discuss working with you in the County’s Economic Development agenda, as we have discussed doing before. I tried calling you at 908-888 and was told it is not working. Looking forward to hearing from you. Steve Christy.

Christy was clearly eager to get the job in the Governor’s Office and it appears he had sought help from southern Arizona’s heavy hitters:

Sent: Friday, January 02, 2015 11:13 AM
Subject: Vegas

Happy New Year to you and yours, too John! Yes, it’s been quite chilly lately here in Point Loma with temps in low 40’s and up to 9″ of snow in the mountains east of SD on 1-8.
Interesting article-thanks for sending it to me. They still like to highlight the emphasis of I-111 being between Phx and LV, though we did get an “honorable mention” for So AZ. Looks like Laura Douglas from ADOT got straightened out, too.
No word from the Gov’s Office. I think if he chose somebody else, we would have heard by now, so I guess no news is good news. He’s inaugurated this Monday so I’m sure he’s had a full plate in front of him. He’s scheduled to give the State of the State Address in Tucson on 1/12-maybe he’s holding off on an announcement of the appointment until that event. Talked to Hank Amos yesterday and he’s not heard anything either. Had a long talk with Jim
Click a couple of weeks ago, though typical Jim, he didn’t come right out with glowing words of supporting me, the feed back I’m getting is that he is. He’s funny with me that way-goes back to the “car-wars” days I guess.
Looking forward to your letter regarding the Sonoran Corridor to the Gov. Return to Tucson this Sunday. Hope to be seeing you soon. All the Best-Steve

By November 17, 2015 Christy had placed his Tucson home on the market. He listed for $ 979,000. On March 29, 2016 the price was dropped to $899,000. While that is not unusual, according to experts who say the house might be overpriced, what is unusual is that on April 26, 2016 the MLS listing was cancelled, but the house remains for sale. The agent’s note reads:



Obviously selling your house while running for office would make for bad optics.

Coincidental timing?

What sources believe is that Carroll could not survive a Republican Primary challenger. As a result he announced that he would not be running for re-election on February 5, 2016. One week later Christy announced his run.

Carroll is now tasked with getting Christy and Ally Miller’s challenger, John Winchester elected. To that end, a coordinated effort is underway to discredit Miller and sell Christy and Winchester to the public. That effort includes using County resources and “friendlies” in the media.

With less than a week away from the delivery of early ballots, the unsuspecting residents of Pima County are being asked to select Huckelberry’s new bosses. Huckelberry hopes they will choose the two who will keep him employed and the public in the dark for years to come.



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  1. I was at the Quail Creek debate Marla was the clear winner. Christy looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Backer is a cub scout leader that always wanted to run for office that is a jokester. Marla is the clear leader who has educated herself well in the workings of the county. She’s a Navy Chief and Iraq combat vet. She’ll make the tough choices. Get out there and work for her. She and Ally will change the face of the BOS for the better.

  2. Unfortunately John Baker does not have name ID. Christie is obviously an “Establishment” candidate. No no, no. Christy. Another Huckleberry puppet.

  3. when in “snake country’ walk carefully with a stick or shotgun if needed – don’t put your parts where you don’t know what’s there before you put them their – I think that could be said for any politician… it’s a snakes job to be a snake.

  4. Marla, Kim and Ally are what this county needs to end the special interest control over Pima County!

    • I have noticed Marla mentioned obiviously by her supporters, there is another candidate in the Dist 4 Primary John Backer. I only had one opportunity to observe a forum (debate) and the impression I took away was that Mr. Backer clearly dominated the field. He should be considered a strong alternative to Marla or the establishment candidate Steve Christie

  5. I am so pleased that the truth is finally coming out. Ray carroll was the worst public servant I never met
    ..never met because he refused to meet with me. He is a snake. Sorry Snakes for the dis. if we do not band together to get rid of huck, We will need to wait another 4 years to get our county government back. Please make sure you have Republican ballot to vote for marla and ally in the primary. These women have the balls to do the job.

  6. The voters do have another choice. I’m John Backer, an Air Force veteran who first came to Pima county July 4, 1984 to serve as an aircraft electrician on the A-10s at Davis-Monthan. With more than 25 years of information technology experience, I’ve worked in across numerous industries – across all business functions. Since 2010 I’ve been working to law enforcement, and over the past 3 years been helping commercial customers, local, state and federal government agencies across America to find fraud, waste, and abuse. Prior to entering this race I had no relationships with anyone in positions of power in Pima county – as one average citizen to another – I owe nothing to anyone other than you – my fellow citizens. You can learn more about me including my endorsement from a Former US Secret Service Economic Crimes Task Force Agent at

  7. Probably the water dept for Hot head Ray, and I wouldn’t touch christy with a snake catcher tool

  8. I heard Christy at an event just after he announced. In the introduction about himself he stated that his kids have moved to CA for jobs so he thought he might go down there to be with his grandkids because he had nothing here to do. He brags about living here is whole life and asked why he hadn’t done sometanything until now he stated that “he didn’t want to run against his friend (Ray) and didn’t want to run against and incumbent. WOW! Now there’s a fighter. He’ll be the same old crony give our money to the donors who are buying is campaign. It didn’t take Marla Closen her whole life to figure out the county is broken. She jumped right in, became a PC in the Rep. party, continues to attend BOS meetings and figured out early this county is broken. She the only candidate in the race that had the cojones to go up against Carroll and I’m sure one of the reasons he “retired”. She worked hard on NO on the BONDS and has been working hard running to replace Ray. If you want a smart Navy Chief, Iraq combat vet, military intelligence analyst and construction engineer as you next Supervisor please contact her at Help her out if you’re serious about turning this county around. She will compliment Ally Miller in every aspect. GO MARLA!

    • I have noticed Marla mentioned obiviously by her supporters, there is another candidate in the Dist 4 Primary John Backer. I only had one opportunity to observe a forum (debate) and the impression I took away was that Mr. Backer clearly dominated the field. He should be considered a strong alternative to Marla or the establishment candidate Steve Christie

  9. After all Carrols alleged shenanigans while in office including accusations of harassment I sure wouldn’t want his support or him “tasked” with trying to get me elected. I’d probably have to end up job searching by writing some of those worthless ‘hey, I know Jim Click’ and I’ve stayed at a Red Roof Inn letters myself. IMO Carrol is the epitome of what we don’t ever want in office as a Supervisor or anything else. Although you can bet Huckleberry will have a high paying position waiting for Ray when he’s done playing Supervisor.

  10. The only thing I got to say about Steve Christy is that he is as big a snake as Sugar Ray. He wants to live off the taxpayer too, just like Winchester only both have agenda’s and its not for the taxpayer. Hey, Steve, you are a pathetic beggar. Why don’t you get a real job?

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