Contempt For Farley In Emails Does Not Amuse Pima County Residents

He takes himself very seriously, but what Sen. Steve Farley doesn’t know is that Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry and lobbyist Michael Racy believe he is a joke. At least that is how it appears according to emails between Racy and Huckelberry.

Emails obtained through a Request for Information by the ADI show that the highly paid Racy and Huckelberry view the senator as a buffoon. While the bombastic Farley does not enjoy a good reputation at the Capitol, his constituents in Pima County have elected him time and time again.

Huckelberry’s snide attack on the senator has spurred angry whispers among disciplined democrats, who are too smart to let their disgust show.

Those same attacks have caused some representatives to consider applying Governor Doug Ducey’s ban on state government agencies hiring lobbyists to lower levels of government including counties and cities. While that ban would likely help residents of those communities, who send their representatives to the Capitol every year in the hope that they represent the people and not special interest, a ban would be soundly opposed by groups like NACO and ECCO.

According to Arizona Open Books, Pima County has spent a total of $756,265 for Racy’s lobbying services since 2013. For their money, Racy is working to raise the taxes they pay on gas, and push through the I-11. The I-11 route preferred by County big wigs would be routed away from Tucson, through Avra Valley, and facilitate the import of goods built with cheap labor.

Racy also worked this last legislative session to kill a bill brought by Rep. Vince Leach at the request of Supervisor Ally Miller which would have required truth in bonding. That bill was killed by NACO because counties would be required to tell residents the true costs of bonding.

“What I find disturbing is the idea that the County Administrator has at his disposal the better part of $1 million taxpayer dollars to hire a lobbyist, when all he needs to do is pay a visit to legislators himself; but then it seems that face-to-face communication may not be a skill set he possesses. I don’t know of a single legislator, including Sen. Farley, who doesn’t have an open door policy,” stated Arizona State Rep. Mark Finchem.

“Whether Sen. Farley has been effective is less of an issue, than the fact that he was the elected representative of his constituents and he works within a rough and tumble system that is designed to filter ideas is to his credit,” continued Finchem.

Finchem asked, “The hired hand of the rubber-stamp Pima County Board of Supervisors has a fairly easy way of it, so what use does he have of negotiation skills, other than delivering sweetheart deals for political allies?”

“At the very least Mr. Huckleberry owes the Honorable Senator Steve Farley a public apology no matter how sincere, and acknowledgement that he is a representative elected by the people,” concluded Finchem.

Pima County residents echoed Finchem’s concerns. The overall sense the ADI got from those who had seen the emails was that Huckelberry had nerve to attack a lawmaker, who makes only a fraction of Huckelberry’s salary, and at least tries to represent his constituents’ interests.

What is most ironic about Huckelberry’s attack on Farley is that the email exchange below is focused on Farley’s efforts, although unsuccessful, to increase the gas tax despite widespread opposition to it across the state. The residents of southern Arizona do support the tax sought by Huckelberry and clearly Sen. Farley was responding to his constituents.

Huckelberry mocks Farley’s efforts and sarcastically writes that the senator is “A real profile in courage.” The question is now: does Huckelberry have the courage to mock the senator to his face?



Racy and Associates

2016 (07/01/15 – 06/30/16)Total: $274,130.00
2015 (07/01/14 – 06/30/15)Total: $232,882.50
2014 (07/01/13 – 06/30/14)Total: $149,127.50
2013 (07/01/12 – 06/30/13)Total: $100,125.00

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  1. Christy is both the Repub. & Dem Pty`s establishment candidate and is in the race only because there are 2 independent outsiders to split our votes. Marla got in first, has all the qualifications we need AND helped us defeat the establishment bond package last year so lets not fall for the Christy establishment tactic. Unite behind Marla and lets clean up Pima Cnty Govt.

  2. I have noticed marla mentioned by her supporters, there is another candidate in the Dist 4 Primary John Backer. I only had one opportunity to observe a forum (debate) and the impression I took away was that Mr. Backer clearly dominated the field. He should be considered a strong alternative to Closen or the establishment candidate Steve Christie.

  3. Just more proof we need Ally Miller, Marla Closen, & Kim DeMarco to clean up the filth and corruption in Pima County. Get out there and work for these candidates. If you’re unable to knock doors send $10 or $20 dollars. It all helps.

  4. I know Steve Farley, we attend the same church. We disagree on a lot of political issues and I still think Farley’s Folly has no place in Tucson, but he does not deserve to be attacked in such an underhanded manner. Senator Farley is a successful businessman, what successes does “King Chuck” have other than waste my money getting his cronies richer?

  5. I knew that the county has a lobbyist, but I didn’t know that he made over a quarter of a million dollars in the last year to screw the voter and taxpayer in Pima county. Yea, truth in bonding, we don’t deserve the truth in bonding about how much the TOTAL f*&^%ing cost of the bond will be now do we. Thanks Huck you piece of pathetic human garbage. A quarter of a million of my tax dollars to raise my gas tax when you don’t even have a plan to improve the roads. If it wasn’t for the RTA, we would have no roads. Huckelberry simply has to go along with the bobbleheads. Christy and Winchester make me throw up in my mouth a little. One has not a clue and the other begs for any political hack job he can get. Both are pathetic and as the previous article stated, are pawns of the cronies. How absolutely rotten is the political system here in this county? More rotten than I even thought. Well, kids for our sake, its time to pull the curtain back and expose these as^%$#(s in November and get Ally some help. This county and taxpayers will be better off for the change.

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