Pima County’s Secret Government: Huckelberry Illegally Directs Attacks On Miller

Chuck Huckelberry [Pima County Facebook photo]

The Pima County Board of Supervisors is the employer of County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry.  Employees who try to undermine their employer are guilty of insubordination at a minimum.  Use of County funds to orchestrate attacks on an elected official is illegal under Arizona Revised Statutes 11.410, A and D (see below).

This email exchange, obtained by the Arizona Daily Independent through Supervisor Ally Miller, offers clear and convincing proof that County Administrator Huckelberry directed County Communications Director Mark Evans to “proceed” with attacks on elected District 1 Supervisor Miller.  Here’s the email exchange of December 5, 2015:

On Dec 5, 2015, at 1:16 PM, Mark B. Evans (Communications) <mark.b.evans@pima.gov> wrote:


I shelved the fact check on the St. Demetrios property until that’s ready to go.

I added new fact checks today. Page is hidden until you say go.

I’ve held off posting replies on Miller’s Facebook page until this page was ready to go. Want to hit her with both at same time since it’s sure to cause a reaction. (BTW, I told McNamara what we’re up to and he thinks it’s a story. So does Nintzel. I haven’t said anything to Dan Shearer because he’s sure to react negatively to it.  Prepare for a backlash on talk radio and inquiries from ADI about how much this is costing).


Let me know if you want me to change anything in the fact check explanations. ME

Mark B. Evans
Public Communications Manager
Pima County

From: Chuck Huckelberry <Chuck.Huckelberry@pima.gov>

Date: Saturday, December 5, 2015 at 1:46 PM To: Mark Evans <mark.b.evans@pima.gov>

Subject:Re: fact check page ready


The issue was the County’s purchase of approximately 8 acres of land from St. Demetrios Church for flood control.  A county appraisal valued the land at $850,000, later updated to $890,000.  A 96-page independent appraisal by Southwest Appraisal Associates requested by Supervisor Miller valued the property at only $650,000.  The County bought it for $931,000.

Evans prepared an attack on Miller’s appraisal to go on her Facebook page and lined up several local journalists to publicize their position.  Star reporter Patrick McNamara and Tucson Weekly political reporter Jim Nintzel were brought on board, while the Green Valley News’s Dan Shearer was deliberately left out.  Evans expressed concern about “talk radio” and the ADI challenging their conspiracy.  Local media has often attacked Miller and suspicions about those attacks being directed by county staff are now confirmed.

There are two questions now: what will the Pima County Attorney or the State Attorney General do in the face of this evidence?  And what will the voters do about Supervisors who protect – some say encourage — law-breaking by taxpayer-paid county staff?

Arizona Revised Statutes: 11-410. Use of county resources or employees to influence elections; prohibition; civil penalty; definitions

  1. A county shall not spend or use its resources, including the use or expenditure of monies, accounts, credit, facilities, vehicles, postage, telecommunications, computer hardware and software, web pages, personnel, equipment, materials, buildings or any other thing of value, for the purpose of influencing the outcomes of elections…
  2. Employees of a county shall not use the authority of their positions to influence the vote or political activities of any subordinate employee.
  3. The attorney general or the county attorney of the county in which an alleged violation of this section occurred may initiate a suit in the superior court in the county in which the alleged violation occurred for the purpose of complying with this section.
  4. For each violation of this section, the court may impose a civil penalty not to exceed five thousand dollars plus any amount of misused funds subtracted from the county budget against a person who knowingly violates or aids another person in violating this section. The person determined to be out of compliance with this section is responsible for the payment of all penalties and misused funds. County funds or insurance payments shall not be used to pay these penalties or misused funds. All misused funds collected pursuant to this section shall be returned to the county whose funds were misused.

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  1. As a county employee I have been copied on at least 10 emails from Mr. Huckleberry when he’d conducts government business from his personal email addresses. His personal email is chuckleberry@cox.net

    • I’m in no way endorsing unlawful behavior, but….
      Gee, I hope no one anonymously takes him to task and floods his email account with tens or hundreds of thousands of bogus emails. I’d hate to think someone would stoop to such things against the great Pima leaning tower of ethics?
      I wonder if he’s a Ashley Madison member yet? Disney vacation member? Yes, like his lack off morals, the possibilities are endless.
      I’d rather thought he’d have: Dingleberry@cox.net as his email.


  2. We all need to attend the next BOS meeting and each one of us need to ask the same the same question to the Huckstr-

    Why are you using your email for political attacks?

    Then ask the county attorney who sits beside him –

    What is the status of the investigation in to the matter?

    This happened in December 2015.

  3. I am so excited to see new names responding to the corruption in pima county or should i say Hucks kingdom.please continue your protests and repost this on facebook. Exposing the corruption will have a tipping point. Dont give up. Vote out current board even if there isnt any opponent. Write yourself in. Show some backbone. Protest.

  4. Breaking News: Comment from the Orifice of the County Admonstrator: “The email is a forgery personally done by Vladimir Putin! Go away!!”

  5. Sheriff Nanos, Indicted Chief Radtke, Doopnik, and others from the sheriffs department kissed Chuck’s butt to win favors for their little circle jerk of cronies. The deputies get screwed in the process. I hear the sheriff’s dept pays for Chuck’s cell phone, gave him guns, has a department vehicle and other little goodies to win over Chuck. Corrupt bastards.
    Hey look, Adolf Hitler is alive and well in Pima County.

  6. Appears Uncle Chuckie is a dirty rat. We knew that but each passing day we have more proof of his little schemes and shenanigans. He needs to go!!!

  7. Like Hillary`s, Huckleberry`s emails show he and his stooges on the Board are corrupt so it`s no surprise Huckleberry is also clearly guilty of illegal expenditure of taxpayer`s money. Time to get rid of Bronson so we can turn the Pima County Board of Supervisors back to the elected Board.

  8. Just another example of an ’employee’ telling the boss what to do! no wonder sanchez is so happy in telling the school board what to do and he is also getting away with it. None of the supposed ‘leaders’ in this area know how to or even what their jobs are. Just vote party (d) and all the trash will keep on rising up and telling you what is good for them. Just think hitlery on down they are all the same.

  9. Pima County, City of Tucson, TUSD, are giving the DNC, and Hillary a run for their money as to who is more corrupt. I think it is a tie, throw them all in jail!

  10. This is exciting. I am soo glad the “Idiots” we’re soo stupid to start this email thing (Ray Carroll, etc .) The old saying. ” what is good for the hen is good for the rooster”. Now I guess Chuckrlberry has to unload his and looks at the CORRUPTION He doesn’t appear to be an honest person.

  11. I and many others have shared how corrupt Pima County is. Do you think LaWall do anything, hell no she is part of team that uses & abuses the public.

    She guess what, will win again. So no change there. The AG who is a Republican will do what? Your right not a darn thing.

    What your only option? Vote for change in Board majority and start by terminating ( don’t allow retirement) of Chuck & majority of not all top County Administration. Let me ask thinking positively, do any of you think new Board majority will do this?

    I have said and I sign my name to my comments that the Democrats in Pima County are as dirty as the day is long. I have also states you can’t trust the Republicans as far as you can throw them.

    Last thought the Elections Dept ., Works for? Yuppers Chuck Huckleberry so listen very closely , the winners of election have been decided before we count one ballot.

    Another fine mess we are into!

  12. Wow!!! It has long been suspected that Chuck used his bloated PR staff inappropriately but to use our Tax dollars to attack and smear an ELECTED BOARD MEMBER because they don’t blindly support the programs of the anointed Bureaucrat is wrong. Chuckleberries contract should be terminated for misappropriation of Funds. He has converted tax dollars to his personal use.

  13. Further proof over what we’ve already suspected. Dingleberry was brought on at the pleasure of the board of supervisors. With the exception of Miller, Dingleberry’s behavior is at minimal endorsed if not orchestrated by the remaining members of the board.
    This along with Dingleberry’s “involvement” with hand picking little Johnny Winchester in an attempt to unseat an incumbent sitting supervisor is again attempting to influence the electoral process.
    You have to hand to the Bronsoon/Dingleberry coalition, she doesn’t have enough smarts to stay out of a flash flood and he’s got guts and balls enough to break any law at any time as he sees fit.
    In the end, the truth is out, he needs to resign or be fired, a special election needs to be held and his handlers on the board need to resign our be fired.
    But in truth nothing will happen. The majority of the board lacks the moral fiber to do the right thing. Dingleberry is a criminal thug in public office. LaWall being professionally bankrupt lacks the integrity and strength to go after a elected and appointed criminal enterprise of such magnitude. And then there is the sheriff’s office, run by yet another 4 star clown apointee, who’s too busy stealing Rico funds to notice that a crime wave is pretending to run the county.
    Add in the always neutral darling media and you get a perfect storm for the seeds of corruption to blossom into a stink weed patch we call home.
    Let’s flood the AZ attorney general’s office with complaints and see what if anything will be done.
    We deserve better, our kids deserve better. This is no accident, it’s a vast conspiracy by the majority of the board to engage in outright criminal conduct.


  14. Gee, what will LaWall do? WTF, she will do what she always does…..NOTHING. What will the AG do? Most likely send someone to Tucson (you know that Phoenix and the Governor feel that Tucson is a sewer anyway) to ask a couple of questions, perhaps then write a press release and say there is not enough evidence to prove wrong doing…. in other words, NOTHING too. And Huckelberry will skate one more time. Just like the balloon deal. What will the courts make him do if the county if found in violation of the Gift Clause…. NOTHING and he knows it. SSDD in Pima County politics. BTW, don’t you just love the liberal media that helps Huck and his crew perpertrate all of this crap…. The ADS and Tucson Weekly. Two stinking fish wraps that should go away.

    • You are an optimist of the highest order if you think Atty Gen Brnovich or Gov Ducey will do a thing. As insiders they apparently are part of the problem. Not a word from the highest elected official in AR on legalizing pot either. These guys both need to be bounced from office next time around.

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