Powerful Pima County Supervisors Vote In The Future

On August 2, 2016 the Pima County Board of Supervisors voted to accept a gift of 65 acres of open space property to expand Tucson Mountain Park, according to the crack Communications Department. The fact that August 2 has not yet arrived either points to the fact that the supervisors are time travelers, super-human, or a rubber stamp for County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry.

Whatever the case may be one thing is clear; the massive Communications Department is on top of things. It might even have a clairvoyant on board. Perhaps Chuck “Miss Cleo” Huckelberry sees all.

Although all of the members of the Board of Supervisors vote 5 – 0 on well over 90 percent of the items before them, the publication of a vote before it is official is somewhat unsettling. It also raises questions such as:

How much work does the Board of Supervisors do in daylight?

How much of what the public thinks they do in daylight is simply crossing T’s and dotting I’s for the Huckelberry agenda?

How far in advance did the crack staff write the first releases for World View and Caterpillar?

Is Chuck Huckelberry “informally” polling the supervisors for their intended votes on various issues ahead of time?

Does Huckelberry have to poll them, or does he tell them how they are going to vote?

Surely there is no doubt that on the matter of a generous donation of more open space the Board would have voted unanimously. However given the growth of the Communications Department, Pima County residents are asking: when is enough enough?

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  1. Gee, this looks DISHONEST. Today in case anyone haS looked at their calender, it is August 01. Now it looks REAL FISHY.

  2. OK, I get it. The powerful B.O.S. less Ally Miller, decide in advance how the meeting and vote will go down. A little arrogant (even for them) to announce in advance.

  3. Thanks ADI for exposing the craziness which is our County govt. I knew right away that the article was a fake because the only vote tally I have ever seen was 4 to 1. Ally has to vote no so we will know there are live people voting instead of the other inanimate pawns that adorn the BOS dias. Thanks for keeping up the heat and for printing the truth as the citizens see it.

  4. We have a huge opportunity to flip the Board of Supervisors by electing Marla Closen, Kim DeMarco and re-electing Ally Miller. Get out there and work to make that happen. Donate to their campaigns. The cronyism and corruption in this county must be stopped! Citizens can change it. Pray for mercy daily.

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